A visitor from overseas can buy ammunition

Import and export of firearms (from or to third countries)

Import of category B firearms

People with Residence in Austria may import category B firearms and ammunition from a third country (that is, all countries outside the EU) into Austria if they are holders of a gun passport or a gun ownership card.

Does the person no residence in Austria, it must be submitted to the Austrian representative authority abroad (embassy or consulate) Permit apply, which will be issued in the form of a certificate. This certificate is valid for up to three months.

Import of firearms of category C

Category C firearms are not subject to import restrictions from third countries.


Switzerland and Liechtenstein are governed by the Arms Act Not treated like third countries, but like EU member states.

Export of firearms to third countries

Taking (exporting) category B and C firearms from Austria to a third country is in any case possible under Austrian weapons law. However, the gun law of the country to which the firearm is exported may stipulate certain obligations (e.g. the submission of further documents). Therefore, please inquire in advance with the competent Austrian representation authority abroad or the foreign representation authority in Austria.

Is it the firearms Defense equipment according to the Foreign Trade Act 2011 (AusWG 2011) and / or um Firearms according to Firearms Ordinance (EU) No. 258/2012, the export in third countries basically subject to approval.

It is also pointed out that the export of defense goods (such as pistols or hunting rifles) to countries against which there is an arms embargo is fundamentally prohibited. In the interactive map "EUSanctions Map" information about the affected countries is displayed.

Hunters and sport shooters are advised to inform themselves about the current legal situation in good time before leaving the country if they plan to take weapons with them (even temporarily) in arms embargo countries.

"Defense goods" are defined in the Second Foreign Trade Ordinance 2019 (2nd Foreign Trade Ordinance 2019) as all goods on the Common Military List of the European Union.

Further information: The Firearms Ordinance (EU) No. 258/2012 stipulates licensing requirements for the export of firearms listed in Annex I of this ordinance.

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