How can I teach myself math

Learning math made easy: 7 techniques to improve your performance

The subject of mathematics does not suit everyone. Some love it, others hate it. The latter group is in most cases significantly larger. Math is a headache for many because they don't know how to do it Prepare properly to achieve the desired results.

Math is one of those subjects where prep time is not directly related to test results. No matter how much you've learned, if you can't solve the problem properly on the exam, you're in a fix. Even so, there are some techniques that you can use regardless of your level to learn math can use. You can make more of your study time and increase your likelihood of being successful. In the end, you might even count yourself as a math lover! 🙂

Learning math made easy

# 1 Practice, practice, and practice more

It is impossible to learn math by reading or listening. To see success you have to really do it and do maths. The more you practice, the better. Each task is different from the next and it is important to do the maximum number of different tasks. That really is the most important point of all.


# 2 Find and understand your mistakes

When calculating exercises it is important to check your results and even more important to understand in detail the places where you made mistakes. There is no point in just comparing the results without understanding what you did wrong. Therefore, you should take notes so that your mistakes are not repeated. You should then go through your records again before your exam.


# 3 Understand the key issues

Do not try to memorize the tasks without understanding them! Math problems can have a multitude of variations. You should be the most important Understand and solve problems can.

Never forget that math always follows the same set of rules. Therefore, you should acquire a stable foundation that you can then use for any kind of problem.

# 4 Check for any ambiguity

Often you don't get ahead with a problem or don't understand how to proceed. Usually you just postpone the problem and move on to the next one. But you should definitely clear up any ambiguities before proceeding.

It can be helpful to work with a learning partner with whom you can then solve the complex problems together. Don't forget to ask your questions in the lecture / class!


# 5 Create a learning environment free of distractions for yourself

To learn math, you need to be able to concentrate well. A proper learning environment without distractions can be a crucial factor in solving your equations and algebraic / geometric problems.

If you enjoy listening to music while studying, create an environment of maximum concentration in which you feel comfortable. Of course, you shouldn't necessarily listen to Scooter or Eminem, classical music is best for learning.


# 6 Make yourself a math directory

Many languages ​​are spoken in mathematics. You should make some summaries or index cards with all the important concepts and their explanations so that you can refer to them over and over again.


# 7 Link the formulas to real world problems

As much as possible, try to find examples from the real world. Math can sometimes seem quite abstract at first glance. However, practical applicability can help you get a different perspective.


If you put these math learning tips into practice, you are on the right track. And don't forget, it is also important to have a little self-confidence and to go into an exam with the feeling that you have prepared yourself well.

If the tasks sound like Chinese in the end, least of all be creative: 🙂

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