How can I heal ME?

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Since he completed his training as a hypnotist in March, he has had a complementary therapeutic tool that can resolve blockages. «Through hypnosis I can devote myself to the deepest, innermost part of the patient. I give him a suggestion, and if it is his will, he will be able to accept it easily. This makes it possible to get to the source of a trauma or triggering event. This process makes it possible to break a pattern, whereby the suffering of the person can be alleviated, ”explains Claude-Alain Bitschnau. The list of problems that can be treated with hynposia therapy is long.


These include obesity, stress, grief, trauma, sleep disorders, pain, anxiety disorders, personality disorders and depression. «Hypnosis can be practiced in children from the age of seven. This is the age at which the potential is greatest. On the other hand, hypnosis is not recommended for severe depression and certain psychological disorders such as severe personality disorders, schizophrenia or paranoia, ”says the therapist. With resilient patients, he sometimes just needs a little more time to put them into an altered state of consciousness. It is very important to mention that during hypnosis you cannot force anyone to do something that he does not want or does not like.





During hypnosis, one cannot force someone to do something that they do not want or that they do not like.