Is Christianity a true religion

There are so many other religions. Is Christianity the Only True One?


An explosive question! A question that in church history has often been answered in such a way that many people have lost their lives. And which is still the cause of enmity and wars in the present.

How is it that people are capable of the worst misdeeds just to assert the supposed truth of their religion and to defend it against those of other faiths? Shouldn't it be better to forego the question of truth and assume an equal coexistence and coexistence of religions? Or is it what Lessing had the Jew Nathan say in the ring parable: All believers may bring the truth of their religion to light through their own actions, through "meekness, with warm compatibility, with goodwill"? Problems that you will pursue in your theology degree that cannot be solved in ten lines.

You have probably already observed that people who are staunch followers of a religion usually have the certainty that their religion is true and reliable. And they are often critical or hostile to the views of other religions. This does not have to be an expression of intolerance, but can even be the basis for a fruitful dialogue. This attitude becomes problematic, however, if one does not admit to the interlocutors that they too are certain of the truth of their religion and that it is permeated by it.

As a human activity, religion can only convince insofar as it moves into the light of God's truth about people. In this cone of light she will learn to see people of other religions, origins or skin colors than what they are from God: God's beloved creatures.

You notice: the question shifts. Christians will not claim a truth for their actions that is not theirs. But they will ask with passion: Who, then, is God, the true God in the face of the many gods around us? It is by no means as if we are living in an atheistic age. We just don't give our gods the title "gods" anymore, but the realities have remained. Luther already called learning, wisdom, power, friendship and honor, especially money, "the most common idol on earth" as the gods of his time.

What do these gods promise us?
What should we base our life on?
What distinguishes the God of Abraham and Jesus from all the idols of our time?
It is not the abstract question of whether my Christianity is the true religion that is decisive.
The decisive factor is: What do I attach my heart to and what do I ultimately rely on? What do I take responsibility for and how do I deal with people and the world?