What is an immigration advisor

Immigration advice

There is no obligation to hire an immigration advisor. It's like filing a tax return. Everyone can do their own immigration. All the necessary information can be found on the official website of the Immigration Service (IRCC).
Unfortunately, all information is only available in English and French. And then it is like all things in life. Some can build a whole house themselves or change the brakes on the car, others fail to hang up a picture.
It is no different here. One person can manage the whole immigration on his own, the other breaks out in a sweat at the latest on the second form.

I am happy to assist you with help and advice when you emigrate to Canada, regardless of whether you have done everything on your own and want a final check or need help in certain areas, or whether you want nothing to do with the paperwork at all : we are happy to help.

But please promise me one thing: if you are looking for help, ask someone who understands something. Let self-appointed consultants do the search in any German-language forums and websites. There is so much relentlessly inaccurate information floating around here that it could cause fear and anxiety. You don't want to build your new life on such a basis, do you?
I don't want to go as far as to say that you only have one try. But put yourself in the shoes of the immigration officer. Everything you submit with your application will be saved. If the first attempt fails (because poorly prepared), in which you claimed that you always wanted to emigrate to Ontario as a programmer and that you then have to make the second attempt, you have always wanted to set up a campsite in Nova Scotia - what would you think as an official dealing with the case?

Even in my job as a tax consultant, I had to find out what nonsense is spread on the Internet. And that's no better when it comes to emigration. There is nothing more dangerous than half-knowledge. If you don't know anything, you can't give wrong advice. But whoever thinks they know and knows someone, who knows someone, who has a brother, whose work colleague ... you know what I mean.
In our area of ​​immigration advice there are a few consultants who are called "ghost consultants". These are consultants who offer advice without having been authorized by the Canadian state to do so. As already described on the “Beware of the trap” page, these “ghost consultants” often have completely different interests (mostly their own financial interests) that do not necessarily have to coincide with yours.

Only Canadian lawyers, notaries and RCICs (Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultants) are permitted to provide immigration advice in Canada. It also doesn't help to give the child a different name and to call the whole "new settler advice" or whatever.
Check whether your "advisor" is authorized to provide immigration advice. And if not, report it to the supervisory authority right away. You help save other people from strokes of fate. The authorities pursue the illegal advice, but are dependent on the cooperation of the population.

I am an approved RCIC, my ICCRC membership number is R534201.
In addition, I am also approved in Germany by the Federal Office of Administration as an emigration advisor for Canada.
Information from the Federal Office of Administration - Federal Office for Emigrants and Foreign Nationals - can be found on the Internet at www.auswandern.bund.de.