Who wrote Donald Trump's anti-Hillary speech

With a 41-minute long attack on the Democrat Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump tries to dispel the concerns of the conservative elite and to motivate the Republican base. Shortly after he fired his campaign manager and data on financial resources and employees aroused doubts about the professionalism of his presidential campaign, the businessman attacks again - and, as always, does not act as a statesman.

When performing in one of his New York hotels, Trump calls Clinton a "world-class liar" and "arguably the most corrupt person who ever wanted to become president." The 70-year-old promises again that the motto "America first" will apply during his presidency. He varies his slogan "Make America Great Again" and announces that he not only wants to restore America to its former greatness, but also to make the USA "rich" and "safe".

Originally Trump wanted to give the anti-Clinton speech in New Hampshire last week, but after the Orlando attack he preferred to talk about the threat posed by "radical Islam" and again called for a temporary entry ban for Muslims (more here). The 70-year-old's speech contains quotes from the legendary US Presidents Abraham Lincoln and George Washington, but above all it is peppered with populist elements. According to Trump, November 8th will be about whether the US will be "governed by the people or by politicians" in the future.

Hillary Clinton is "old and tired"

The US political and economic system is "manipulated", which is why only an outsider like him can bring about the necessary change. Hillary Clinton is not only "old and tired" but, as part of the establishment, cannot solve the country's problems. Trump punctually mocks Clinton's slogan "I'm with her", which only shows their arrogance. To the jubilation, the Republican shouts that he will support all Americans: "I'm with you: the American people."

Although his press team provided a transcript during the speech and Trump used a teleprompter, he jumped back and forth several times in his attacks. These are the main allegations, particularly those relating to Clinton's time as Obama's foreign minister.