What is a published post on WordPress

Save as draft or pending review


For a new article (page or post)

Create a new article. On the right, in the “Publish” window, click “Edit” next to “Draft status” and then select either “Pending Review” or “Draft”, click “OK”, then “Save” (see video).

For an existing article (page or post)

Edit the article, on the right in the "Publish" window click on "Edit" next to "Published status" and select either "Pending review" or "Draft" from the drop-down menu, click "OK", then "Update" (see video).

Drafts and pending reviews are not publicly visible.

Items in the recycle bin are automatically deleted from the system after 30 days. Drafts and pending reviews can be stored permanently.

Of course, drafts and pending reviews can also be deleted or published. To publish them, simply click on the "Publish" button on the right.


As the name suggests, this is how you create a draft that is not yet ready for publication. But the status is also suitable for archiving.

Pending review

The role "Employee" cannot publish any contributions. Instead, the self-made contribution is either saved as a draft (for further processing) or as a "Pending Review". The "Editor" or "Administrator" role can then publish the article.

In the video I unfortunately spoke of the role of "author", that was a slip of the tongue, what was meant was the role of "employee", and both author and employee only have access to articles and not to pages. More information at User roles.