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How to Get Free Dropbox Storage - The Complete Guide

Dropbox is one of the largest and most trusted cloud storage providers in the world. It has millions of users, gigabytes of available storage, and both free and premium accounts. Free accounts have 2GB of storage, which is the average user around five minutes. However, there are ways you can earn free Dropbox storage. Here is how.

I use Dropbox regularly for work. It allows me to work from anywhere, anytime and still have access to my files and media. The 2GB of free storage just wasn't enough, but you can get more without paying for a premium plan.

Of course, Dropbox isn't the only cloud storage provider. Microsoft has integrated OneDrive into Windows, Google has integrated Google Drive into the web and Android, Apple has iCloud, which can be used by Mac, iPhone and iPad. There are also many cloud storage providers that offer comparable online storage for a certain price.

None of these seem as generous as Dropbox with this online storage space. While they all offer a free account with limited storage, Dropbox only offers a few dozen gigabytes of cloud storage for free if you skip just a few hops. Some of these tires are easy, just follow Dropbox on Twitter, give them feedback, or refer a friend. Some are more complicated but more interesting than Dropbox Challenges.

Complete as many of these steps as you want to get free Dropbox storage. Then you can decide whether you want to pay for a premium account or not.

The First Steps Tour - 250MB

The Dropbox Get Started Tour is a quick look at how the service works, what to do, where to go, and how to use it in general. While you will probably know most of this, it only takes a few minutes and rewards you with an additional 250MB of storage.

Connect Facebook to Dropbox - 125MB

Connect Facebook to Dropbox and you'll get a fast 125MB of free Dropbox space. Link Facebook to Dropbox and give it the access it demands for this privacy loss. You will be rewarded with additional storage space. It's not much, but when you consider that you don't really have to do anything for it, it's a win.

Connect Twitter to Dropbox - 125MB

Connect Twitter to Dropbox and get an additional 125MB of storage. Just like Facebook, link the two social media accounts and earn more storage space. You can double that by following Dropbox from your Twitter account. It means your timeline has messages from Dropbox, but it's a small price to pay for an extra 250MB.

Of course, joining Facebook and Twitter on your Dropbox means you will see updates and stuff from Dropbox. So far, however, they are less spammy than most other companies, and while it's a compromise, it's not too annoying. You can also find out when Dropbox has special offers and challenges.

There was an offer to earn an additional 125MB if you tweeted to or through Dropbox. I haven't seen or heard of this offer in a few years. If you know anything about this offer, please let us know.

Invite friends to Dropbox - 500MB to 16GB

Invite your friends to Dropbox and earn 500MB for everyone who connects up to 32 friends. That is a potential of an additional 16 GB of storage space. Just follow these recommendations to free up space. It's a simple process and involves submitting a specific referral link. Once the person joins forces, your storage space will increase accordingly.

If you're thinking of creating 32 accounts for yourself, Dropbox will check it out. We're not sure if the company is looking for cookies or IP addresses, but there are options such as VPN and virtual machines. Well worth the effort for a few extra GB of storage I would say!

I've seen the virtual machine trick work firsthand. A work colleague of mine did it with his work computer, VirtualBox and a copy of Mint Linux. He loaded everything up, entered Dropbox off the machine with a one-way email account, restarted and repeated with a different email account. I know he didn't use the usual one-way email, which may also be why neither of us was convinced of it. I stopped looking when he earned his first 4GB, but he assured me that he did the whole 32 like this.

Love letter to Dropbox - 125MB

Tell Dropbox how much you like them and offer constructive feedback to get 125MB of free Dropbox space. You don't have to write an essay, but as long as you express yourself well, you will get more space. Visit this page and select “Tell us why you love Dropbox”.

While the company is obviously looking for love when you have a review, do it constructively and you will still get your free space. You never know they could take your suggestions or criticism on board and do something about them.

Dropbox Challenges - 15 GB

Dropbox challenges are regularly hosted and announced on the Dropbox blog. These range from completing a browser game to solving puzzles. Prices vary depending on the difficulty of the challenge and how long it takes. Some offer up to 15 GB of storage. I brought one back in 2012, Dropquest, I think that got me around 10GB.

Well worth paying attention to, but I have no idea about their frequency or if they are spending something like the type of memory they used to use. Well worth checking out if you want a little challenge in return for free storage.

Special Event Coupons - 50 GB (in theory)

Occasionally, Dropbox will run a special event that can provide gigabytes of storage. A friend of mine got another 50 GB of storage a few years ago. I haven't seen anything since, but since I have enough memory, I didn't pay close attention to them. Keep an eye out for special events on the Dropbox blog.

Third-party Dropbox Coupons - 18GB

There are dozens of websites that offer special coupons that you can use to earn free Dropbox storage. Other coupons give discounts on Dropbox Plus or other premium services. One such voucher site is EverAfterGuide. It offers coupon links that have everything from an additional 500MB for images to upload to discounted fees for premium storage.

Offers come and go all the time, so keep an eye on the site and give it a try. I don't know if they are good or not so let us know how you are.

Secure your Dropbox account - I don't know

Dropbox indicated a while back that they would reward Dropbox users with more storage if they took steps to keep their accounts secure. Regardless of whether you got it or not, enabling two-factor authentication will ensure what storage you have safe. So even if you don't get any more, you should still be doing something.

Use a referral service - 18 GB

There are a few Dropbox referral services out there that you can use to quickly collect additional storage space. I haven't tried them in person, but have spoken to people online who have earned lots of free space from them. These websites come and go as some referral links I sent stopped working. Others are but I have another try just because I already have enough memory.

If you use a Dropbox referral website, let us know how you get on in the comments section.

Use Fiverr - Up to 16GB

Did you use fiverr? It's an online marketplace where most products and services cost five dollars or less. One of these services increases your Dropbox storage. I assume they use recommendation services to increase your storage. In any case, it is possible to increase the free storage space here considerably.

Most services offer to increase it by a cool 16GB, but there are a few more expensive ones that promise up to 5TB. I haven't used Fiverr so have no idea if that works or not. Though an additional 16GB is worth a try for just $ 5 if you're after extra cloud storage. If you try let me know how you get on.

Buy Dropbox Plus - 1TB

Finally, paying for Dropbox Pro will get you a cool 1TB of storage for little money. Given how much you've already made from these tricks, you might not need that extra terabyte, but if you're a photographer or something, that extra storage will definitely come in handy.

Go to the Dropbox Plus page and opt for monthly or yearly billing and go from there. Your terabyte of storage will be waiting for you after the first payment.

Abandoned offers

There are a number of discontinued offers that are still being advertised on other websites. This includes downloads for Carousel, Mailbox, Samsung, and HTC. Dropbox deleted these offers when they shut down the carousel and mailbox. The two app downloads have also been discontinued and the app now doesn't offer any additional storage space that I know of.

Use and manage files in Dropbox

One way to get the most out of all of the free space you've acquired is to clean up and effectively manage your Dropbox space. Mine is a bit of a mess, I'll be the first to admit. While I've split everything up into folders, there is no real order to things and I have a tendency to hoard files that I don't need.

One way to do this is through the account screen.

  1. Sign in to Dropbox.
  2. Navigate to Account Name, Settings, and Account.
  3. See how much space you can save with the bar graph in the center of the screen.
  4. Unpair, delete, or manage as you see fit.

If you regularly share files between friends, this is a very useful thing to check if you need to free up space. If you are using sharing, choose from the Sharing menu to view all of the shared files. You can sort by date and start deleting old or unnecessary files.

If you're anything like me, you will have hundreds of files that you backed up on Dropbox and forgotten about. Spending an hour on the web app going through your files is a great way to spend time as far as I'm concerned. I managed to free up almost 4GB of space by deleting old TV shows, GIFs, videos sent to me by friends, and the usual detritus we collect on the internet.

Use untroubled

A third-party app works to fill in feature gaps that Dropbox should actually have itself. Unclouded is an Android app that helps you manage your storage space more efficiently. It's a file manager that can show the size of files, highlight duplicates, and sort files in different jobs so you can decide which files you want and where.

The disadvantage of Unclouded is that you give an external tool access to your cloud storage. The advantage is that you can manage your available storage space so easily. It is entirely up to you whether or not you allow this access.

The collective steps in "How to Earn Free Dropbox Storage" could theoretically get you over 100GB of storage for no money. If you need more, there is Dropbox Plus which adds another terabyte. Some of these methods are likely to fade over time as Dropbox changes its offering, introduces new offerings, or tightens its belts, depending on the cloud storage market as a whole.

My advice would be if you want to use Dropbox to store your stuff online and have as much space as possible, do as many of these steps as you can as soon as you can. You never know when something might change. Some of the early offers have already been withdrawn so don't wait to get in the mood or miss out.

Do you have any other ways to make free Dropbox storage? Tell us about it below!