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Best Jobs in the Video Game Industry 2021 - Career Planning

Today's teenagers between the ages of 13 and 17 (Gen Z) make up 27% of all gamers. A generation ahead of them are millennials (18-34 year olds), who make up 29% of all gamers. If you are a member of one of these generations, you may have thought or even dreamed of a career in the video game industry. Fortunately, there are plenty of options, both technically and economically, from which to capitalize on your passion for gaming.

Game designer

At the top of the list of dream jobs for gamers is the video game designer. Those who work in this profession develop concepts that eventually become video games. They implement these ideas by developing storylines and characters and then guiding them through production. You will work with other members of the development team, including artists, programmers, and audio engineers. Job titles include game designer, lead designer, and level designer.

As one of the most desirable positions of any video game job, competition is fierce. You may need several years of experience in other roles.

Software developers and computer programmers

Software developers and computer programmers implement the game developer's visions for their end products. Developers create software that makes video games work the way the designers want them to work. Programmers create the code that converts these designs into instructions that video game systems can read.

Animators and other artists

As an integral part of the video game development team, animators and other artists bring video games to life. Using special software, the animators create a series of images that make up the images in a video game, including the characters and the surroundings. Artists also design packaging that highlights games on the shelves.

Audio engineers

Audio engineers use computers and electrical appliances to create soundtracks for video games. You are responsible for everything you hear when playing a game. They give characters a voice, create sound effects and record background music.


Writers play several roles in the video game industry. Screenwriters create the stories that games are based on and write dialogue for the characters. Technical writers create the associated documentation and instructions.

Interpreters and translators

Interpreters convert the characters' dialogue into other languages. Translators change instructions and other documentation from their original language to another. Their work enables companies to market games in an international market.

Video game tester

Game testers provide quality assurance (QA) for the companies that manufacture video games. They make sure that the games work correctly and that instructions and documentation are clear. They identify problems and bugs and report their results to designers and developers.

Technical support specialists

Technical support specialists are the link between video game companies and the public. They employ call centers to assist customers who have problems using games and related equipment. Support specialists answer questions by phone, online chat, and email.

Business jobs in the video game industry


Video game makers take care of the business and financial details involved in developing products and prepare them for commercialization to consumers. They oversee all staff and keep game production under time and budget constraints.

Marketing Manager

Marketing managers coordinate the marketing activities of video game publishers. They formulate a strategy for selling their products to consumers, including deciding where to sell them and how to advertise them.

Market research analysts

Market research analysts design surveys that they use to determine the buying preferences of potential customers. They use the data collected to help video game makers decide which products and services to sell, how much to charge them, and where and how to sell them.

Sales representative

Sales agents sell video games to wholesalers or retailers on behalf of publishers. You need a thorough understanding of the products, the video game industry and potential customers.


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