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The FAQ is intended as initial information and has not legally valid!


1. How many applicants will get a place?

Is there a maximum number? There is no maximum number. Anyone who has successfully completed the aptitude test will be accepted. Compared to traditional courses, BSc Engineering is a relatively small course with around 200 new students.

2. What is an intensive course?

In the intensive course B.Sc. Engineering sciences must be earned 210 instead of the usual 180 ECTS (European Credit Transfer System = European system for the allocation of course work). One credit point corresponds to a student workload of 30 hours.

3. When does the application start / end and when do the aptitude assessment interviews take place?

On the MSE homepage in the section Prospective Students - B.Sc. Engineering - you will find information on the application deadlines and the dates of the aptitude assessment interviews.

4. How are course applicants selected and what role does the Abitur grade play in this?

Applicants are selected according to the aptitude assessment procedure (EFV). The influence of the Abitur grade is particularly evident in the Statute on the aptitude assessment procedure for the Bachelor's degree in Engineering Science in the Downloads section - Statutes for B.Sc. Engineering http://www.mse.tum.de/studierende/bsc-ingenieur-wissenschaften/downloads/ explained. Please note that your grade must be better than 2.3 in order to take part in the aptitude test.

5. Can I also apply if I had to leave another course at the TU Munich (e.g. because of the study progress control)?

It is possible. Please read point 4!

6. Can I apply for several courses at the same time?


7. Can I apply with a foreign university entrance qualification? What do I have to take to care of?

Yes. Here you can find more information about applying with a foreign university entrance qualification https://www.tum.de/studium/bewerbung/bewerbung-international/ Here you can find information about the Recognition of foreign university entrance qualificationshttp://www.tum.de/studium/bewerbung/uni-assist/

8. Do applicants with a foreign university entrance qualification need proof of German language proficiency?

Foreign applicants who did not acquire their university entrance qualification at a German-speaking educational institution need a recognized language certificate. Here you will find information about recognized language certificates: https://www.tum.de/studium/bewerbung/zulassungsvorauslösungen/sprachnachweise/

9. What are the special features for applicants from Austria?

Applicants with an Austrian university entrance qualification must enclose proof of the successfully completed subject "Descriptive Geometry" with the application (admission-relevant document!). According to the regulations applicable throughout Germany (see German Conference of Ministers of Education / Admission Regulations for Foreign Students in Germany), students from Austria must provide evidence of the subject "Descriptive Geometry" by August 15th at the latest. The regulations can be found at: anabin.kmk.org/no_cache/filter/schulabschluesse-mit-hochschulzugang.html

10. Are English skills required?

Is the English language certificate required? Applicants who cannot prove an English grade in their Abitur must prove their technical language skills in the aptitude assessment interview.

12. Can I apply for a higher semester?

Basically this is possible (e.g. changer). You have to z. B. for the 2nd FS at least 26 ECTS from your previous studies according to § 5 (5) of the statutes about the aptitude test for the Bachelor's degree in Engineering. Please check first the requirements (Annex 2, statutes on the aptitude test for the Bachelor's degree in engineering) that you have to meet! The confirmation of the semester classification, also known as the semester credit notification, is created by the MSE study office on the basis of your current performance record, based on the curriculum of the engineering bachelor's degree program http://www.mse.tum.de/studierende/bsc-ingenieur-wissenschaften/curriculum/ becomes. Recognition is only possible after enrollment. You can find more information on changing subjects at: http://www.tum.de/studium/im-studium/studienfachwechsel

13. Do I have to complete compulsory internships before studying?

No, this is not necessary.

Study organization

1. What has to be done before the beginning of the lecture?

Before the start of the semester, you must register by September 15. enroll in the respective year. You can find important information about starting your studies here: www.tum.de/studium/im-studium/zum-studienstart/organisierungs-vor-studienbeginn/

2. Which preparatory courses does the B.Sc. Engineering?

We recommend that you take the preliminary course “Higher Mathematics for MW and CIW” for new students in September. You can find more information about the date in the Bachelor News section.

3. Where can I find the principles of the Bachelor's degree in engineering?

The principles of the study can be found in the subject examination and study regulations (FPSO) for the bachelor's degree in engineering under the heading Downloads - Statutes http://www.mse.tum.de/studierenden/bsc-ingenieur-wissenschaften/downloads/. The Study Office recommends reading this document carefully before starting your studies!

4. What are the different forms of teaching (L / Ü / P / T)?

V - lecture Ü - exercise, sometimes also ZÜ - central exercise P - internship, E - excursion, T - tutorial (additional course that is not in the FPSO)

5. In which language are the courses offered?

The ratio of English-language to German-language courses is currently around 40:60, with semesters 1-4 having a greater proportion of German, while English courses predominate in the higher semesters.

6. Is it possible to go abroad for a semester?

Yes, a semester abroad is possible. Information about going abroad and the various programs can be found both on the MSE website in the section International Studieren http://www.mse.tum.de/studierende/international-studieren/ and on the website of the International Center www. international.tum.de/startseite/. Every year in the summer semester, the study office organizes the information event "Ways abroad" to which all interested students are cordially invited. In addition, there is the possibility of organizing a stay abroad independently.

7. Do I have to do compulsory internships during my studies?

No, there are no compulsory internships.

8. Where can I find information about scholarships and how to finance my studies?

You can find information on scholarships and study financing here: http://www.tum.de/studium/studienfinanzierung/

9. Where can I find information about the study progress monitoring?

An overview of the minimum ECTS to be achieved in the respective semesters can be found in the FPSO (§38). According to § 10 Paragraph 1 of the General Examination and Study Regulations (APSO) in conjunction with § 38 Paragraph 1 of the Subject Examinations and Study Regulations (FPSO) of the BSc Engineering, students should acquire 35 credits per semester (210 credits divided by 6 semesters of standard period of study), in order to comply with the standard period of study specified in § 9 APSO. Students who fall short of the number of semester credits (in total) by at least 15 credits will be warned. This warning is only a formal indication of your performance level and has no legal consequence.

10. What is meant by proof of performance?

Proof of performance is a list of all modules that have been passed. In contrast to the account statement, which also contains failed services.

Official / certified performance record, semester certificate, final certificate and transcript of records are created and signed by the Garching examination office.

11. Can I get a ranking?

The grade rankings for students in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th FS are automatically sent by post approx. 2-3 weeks after the end of the grades (please check your addresses in TUMonline, c / o please enter in the "Street" field) ). Rankings for higher FS can be requested from the study office by email to [email protected]

Rankings in English are created on request.

Please note that intermediate rankings are not possible during the semester and corresponding inquiries will not be processed!

With their graduation documents, students automatically receive a graduation ranking (= grading table) in which they compare to the B.Sc. Engineering Science graduates in the last 2 years are ranked. This grading is binding and replaces the rankings accompanying the semester.

12. How do I enroll / de-enroll?

If you have any questions about enrollment / de-registration, please contact: TUM Enrollment Office Arcisstr. 21 80333 Munich [email protected] Please read the information on the TUM website beforehand, e.g. about de-registration here: www.tum.de/studium/studienschluss/exmatrikulation/


1. Do I have to register for the courses?

Registration via TUMonline is not mandatory. However, it is highly recommended, as changes to dates, etc. will be announced via the registration.

2. What do "deepening" and "focusing" mean in the 5th-6th? Semester?

The study structure http://www.mse.tum.de/studierenden/bsc-ingenieur-wissenschaften/studienaufbau/ consists of the compulsory modules (1st-4th FS) and elective modules (5th-6th FS) with a total of 210 ECTS . The elective modules in the curriculum http://www.mse.tum.de/studierenden/bsc-ingenieur-wissenschaften/curriculum/ belong to elective area I and II: Elective area I or specialization is the specified modules, out of which 5 modules in total 25 ECTS must be chosen. Elective area II or focus is the name given to modules from the subject-specific offer of TUM or another university in Germany or abroad that can be contributed (28 ECTS in total). The selection of the modules is specified in the "Individual curriculum" application form. This can be found under Downloads - Examination matters http://www.mse.tum.de/studierenden/bsc-ingenieur-wissenschaften/downloads/.

3. What options are there when assigning my elective modules (specialization & focus) in the individual curriculum?

If the exam has not yet been taken, it is possible to deregister from the exam in due time. You can replace the module with another module from the corresponding elective area I or II. If you have already taken the exam and failed the exam, you can also replace the module with another module from the corresponding elective area I or II. If you have successfully completed more than the required 5 elective modules of elective area I “Specialization”, you can decide which of the modules should be assigned to the “Specialization” area. Surplus modules can be included in elective area II “Focusing” or listed as an additional subject. Modules in elective area I cannot be replaced by modules in elective area II. Changes are to be communicated to the study office by filling out the application form "Individual curriculum" again (please tick "Change application" and sign!). The changes will only then be entered into TUMonline by the study office.

4. Am I allowed to perform for the master’s degree in the bachelor’s degree?

Yes. Please register the achievements planned for the master’s degree via your study tree under "Additional subject". After you have enrolled in a master’s degree, you can submit an application for recognition to the master’s examination board for these subjects. Recognition takes place only after the Bachelor's degree. If you are in the last bachelor semester and are already enrolled in the master’s degree, you should, if possible, assign the master’s examinations to the master’s degree.

5. Which achievements can be listed as additional subjects?

All exams taken at TUM that are not used for the degree.

6. Can achievements be transferred to additional subjects?

Yes, the MSE Study Office can rewrite courses. Please contact the study office [email protected] directly

7. Where can I find the courses for the modules "Soft Skills" and "Introduction to Scientific Work"?

You can find the information on the MSE website under Downloads - Suggestion catalogs.

8. How can I register for a course from the "Soft Skills" area in the suggestion catalog?

If the module is included in the suggestion catalog and is also in your study tree on TUMonline, you can register directly via it. Otherwise you can register for this module as a "free subject". The module will then later be assigned to the soft skills in the study tree (as soon as the performance is validated or you provide relevant evidence)

9. A module for the "Soft Skills" area is not in the list of suggestions. How can I bring it in anyway?

You must send a request to the study office [email protected] in advance. The examination board then decides whether the requested module can be recognized as a soft skill.

10. Are the additional subjects included in the performance record / diploma?

Passed additional subjects are listed in the performance record, which you receive via TUMonline. Failed additional subjects, however, are not listed. There are no additional subjects in the diploma.

11. Which modules should / must I choose for my desired master’s degree?

All information can be found in the continuously updated document “Sample curricula for the focusing phase” in the Downloads - Curriculum section http://www.mse.tum.de/studierenden/bsc-ingenieur-wissenschaften/downloads/ The modules of elective areas I and II im Individual curriculum must not overlap in terms of content. For example: If you choose the MSE module "Uncertainty Modeling in Engineering" (MW2086) in elective area I, you may not choose the MW module Uncertainty Quantification in Mechanical Engineering in elective area II! If you take the MSE module "Embedded Networked Systems" (IN8014) in elective area I, you may not select the IN module "real-time systems" in elective area II!

12. How do I register for a module (e.g. from elective area II) if it is not listed in the study tree?

If a module is not listed in the study tree, although it is included in the individual curriculum or in the catalog of proposals for the study achievements (applies to modules from the area of ​​"Focusing", "Soft Skills" or "Introduction to Scientific Work), please initially as an optional subject Sign in. As soon as the performance is valid in TUMonline, it is automatically assigned to the correct area, at the latest by the end of the respective semester.


1. Where can I find information about the exams? When are the exam dates published? When is registration possible?

In the section Downloads - Examination dates http://www.mse.tum.de/studierenden/bsc-ingenieur-wissenschaften/downloads/ you will find information on the examination dates and registration deadlines for the current semester. The examination dates must be published no later than two weeks after the start of the semester. In the Downloads - Examination Matters section http://www.mse.tum.de/studierenden/bsc-ingenieur-wissenschaften/downloads/ you will find the necessary forms and guidelines. If you have any questions, please contact the study office via email [email protected]

Please refer to the chair website for examinations on modules from elective area II "Focusing".

General information on the subject of exams and exam results can be found at: www.tum.de/studium/im-studium/pruefungen-und-results/.

2. Can I take part in lectures and exams from higher semesters?


3. How often can I repeat exams?

According to §38, Paragraph 2, FPSO, the module examinations "Mathematical Basics" and "Engineering Mechanics I" must be passed by the end of the 2nd semester and may only be repeated ONCE. All other exams can be repeated until they have been passed, provided that the required study progress according to §38, Paragraph 3, FPSO is observed.

4. Am I automatically registered for exams and repeat exams?

No. All students must register for the exams independently via TUMonline.This also applies to the "Mathematical Basics" and "Engineering Mechanics I" exams.

5. If I write an exam for the first time on the retake date, will it be considered a first attempt or a retake?

This is considered a first attempt.

6. Can I take examinations in advanced modules whose previous module I did NOT pass (e.g. Material Science II)?

Yes, it is possible to take an exam.

7. If the module consists of several exams (e.g. CAMPP BGU65005T4), when is it considered passed?

If all parts have been passed (e.g. at CAMPP: exam part 1 & 2 and the internship part 1 & 2).

8. What happens if I cannot take the exam?

You can find all information on de-registering or withdrawing from an examination in the Downloads - Examination Matters section in the guidelines for de-registering / withdrawing from examinations http://www.mse.tum.de/studierenden/bsc-ingenieur-wissenschaften/downloads /

9. What should I watch out for if I have failed the "Technical Mechanics I" or "Mathematical Basics" exams in the 1st FS?

In order to secure yourself, the study office recommends applying for a different course for the coming winter semester. The courses that contain these modules with the same titles (TM I and Mathematical Basics) are also eligible, as they are not related courses. The following steps should be observed: When applying (e.g. at TUM by July 15), you must specify "Change". In any case, regardless of the course in which you will be enrolled in the winter semester at TUM, you must register by August 15. re-register (still for B.Sc. engineering). So that you definitely get a place in the new course, you have to accept the new place by the end of September (end of SS) at the latest! If you fail, please write a short email to the matriculation office that you are studying the B.Sc. Engineering sciences (MSE) are to be left for the winter semester. If you pass, you can stay on the course. In this case, please also inform the matriculation office no later than 5 weeks after the start of the lectures that you are now in the old B.Sc. Can / want to stay engineering sciences (MSE), even if you have already accepted the new study place.

10. If I cannot take part in an MSE exam (e.g. because of a stay abroad)?

Examination dates are the result of a central and complex planning process and can therefore not be postponed at will. In some cases, however, students are interested in being offered alternative exam dates. First and foremost, it affects students who are planning a stay abroad. This means: The exam participant can submit an application for a replacement exam date to the Examination Board (PA). The test participant must make his case of hardship clear. The PA examines the case and communicates the recommendation to the responsible examiner. The final decision on an alternative date is made by the examiner.

Exam Results

1. How do I find out about my exam results?

In TUMonline you will find:

Account statement - all results are listed here

Transcript of Records - Only the positive results are listed here

2. Despite successfully passing the module examination, my performance is no longer visible in TUMonline. Why is that?

Sometimes individual modules are replaced by new versions, so that the previous versions are no longer listed as "active" in TUMonline. Clicking on the menu option "Show inactive nodes" in TUMonline usually helps here. Inactive services are retained as a service.

3. How do I find out that I have seen the exams I have written?

The lecturers send an email with the respective exam inspection date or you can receive the appointment via TUMonline / the respective chair website.

4. What is the closing date?

The end of grades is the date by which all examination matters (publication of grades, validation of grades) for the corresponding semester must be entered. You can find the end of grades for the current semester under the heading Download - Exam Dates.

5. How do I get an official examination notification?

You will be informed by email from the Garching Examination Office that you can access the notification via TUMonline. From this point on, you have 14 days to call up the notification via TUMonline. In the event of discrepancies, please first contact the MSE study office [email protected] The period of objection of 4 weeks starts from the time of retrieval. Any objection must always be submitted in writing to the legal department of the Technical University of Munich.

6. Can I repeat an exam to improve my grades?


7. How do I register for the exam if the module is not listed in the study tree?

If a module is not listed in the study tree, although it is included in the individual curriculum or in the catalog of proposals for the study achievements (applies to modules from the area of ​​"Focusing", "Soft Skills" or "Introduction to Scientific Work), please initially as an optional subject Sign in. As soon as the performance is valid in TUMonline, it is automatically assigned to the correct area, at the latest by the end of the respective semester.


1. Are there deadlines for an application for recognition of achievements?

The following recognition of achievements must be applied for in due time:

(a) from previous studies - an application for recognition of examination results can only be submitted once to the responsible examination board within the first year of study (the date of receipt is decisive). However, it makes sense to submit the application as soon as possible after enrollment.

(b) from studying abroad - students who are enrolled at TUM but are doing an exchange program abroad must apply for recognition no later than the following semester after their stay abroad.

Note: You can find the application form and the guidelines on the subject of "Recognition" in the section Downloads - Examination matters http://www.mse.tum.de/studierenden/bsc-ingenieur-wissenschaften/downloads/

2. Who decides on the recognition of examination results?

Exclusively subject examiners or the examination board BSc ES (PA) decide whether your proven achievements correspond to the course and examination contents at the respective faculty.

3. I don't see my recognition in the examination results section in TUMonline, where can I find it?

Recognitions are not examinations and therefore do not appear here either. Your recognitions are recorded in the performance record / certificate with "*". In the study tree you will find your recognitions in the place you have chosen.

4. Can I replace an exam I have already written with recognition of a comparable performance?

No, this is not possible, regardless of whether the exam was passed or not. Crediting can only be given if you have not yet taken the exam.

5. Will I be upgraded through my recognition in the subject semester?

Up to 25 ECTS there is no upgrade. If you have 26 ECTS or more, you will be upgraded to one semester.

6. Can I have achievements from a semester on leave recognized?

Yes. The application for recognition from a stay abroad can be submitted during the vacation semester, but must be submitted in the following semester at the latest. If achievements can be credited, the achievements (grade, credits) are entered in the following semester.

7. Can I have the courses in the "ATHENS" program recognized?

You can have specialist courses from the "ATHENS" program (2 ECTS) recognized in Elective Area II. You can find more information about the "ATHENS" program at: http://www.international.tum.de/auslandsaufenthalte/studierenden/athens/

8. How can I include courses from abroad in Elective Area II? Are these recognized without any problems in Elective Area II if they are in my individual curriculum?

The final semester of the BSc Engineering Science (consolidation and focus phase) is ideal for a stay abroad. Engineering or applied science modules can be included in elective area II, depending on the planned specialization and focus. For this purpose, the application form "Individual curriculum" should ideally be filled out before the stay abroad and both the TUM modules and the modules of the stay abroad should be included. The BSc ES examination board examines the "Individual Curriculum" and confirms the choice. Subsequent changes are possible; this application form has to be filled out again. After returning to TUM, an application for recognition must be submitted for each foreign module that is to be included in the degree program (see the guidelines on recognition of achievements).

Leave of absence and re-registration

1. How do I apply for a semester of leave?

The leave of absence is regulated in §10 and §11 of the enrollment, re-registration, leave of absence and de-registration statute of the Technical University of Munich in conjunction with Article 64, paragraphs 2 to 4 of the Bavarian Higher Education Act. The following information regarding the semester of leave can be found on the website of the matriculation office under the heading "Leave of absence": http://www.tum.de/studium/im-studium/beurlaubung/:

  1. Reasons for leave of absence
  2. Duration and dates
  3. Procedure

2. I cannot register for exams via TUMonline during the semester on leave (or parental leave), what do I have to do?

It should be possible to register for repeat exams (second attempts!). If you have any problems, please contact the MSE Study Office.

3. Can I hand in theses during the semester on leave?

No. Theses may not be registered or submitted during a leave of absence - the exception is a second attempt.

4. Can I interrupt the processing time for my thesis by taking a semester off?

No, this is impossible. Theses must be started AND completed before a semester on leave or started AND completed after the semester on leave. (Exception parental leave)

5. Can I provide services during the semester on leave?

Basically not. In the semester of leave you can, however, provide the following services: Achievements in the semester abroad, repeat exams (second attempts, failed examinations for which you were registered and failed or were registered and did not appear - grade 5.0)

6. Will my semester continue to be counted during my leave of absence?

Semesters of leave of absence count as a matter of principle not as a semester. This also applies to leave of absence due to semesters abroad or internships outside the university.

If, however, services to an extent of at least 26 credits (Attention: special regulation for the B.Sc. in engineering, see also § 11 (8) of the statutes on enrollment, re-registration, leave of absence and de-registration https://portal.mytum.de/kompass/rechtsicherheitwesen/immatrikulationssatzung/) are recognized, he follows an upgrade in the semester after the leave of absence

You can only submit an application for recognition of the work performed during the semester of leave of absence once at TUM in the semester that follows the leave of absence.

7. Is there a credit limit for repeat exams in the semester of leave?

No, you can take repeat exams (second attempts!) To any extent (no upgrading!).

8. How do I apply for parental leave and what do I have to consider?

All information can be found in Section 20 of the APSO at http://www.mse.tum.de/studierenden/bsc-ingenieur-wissenschaften/downloads/

9. If I want to do a voluntary internship during my bachelor's degree, can I do it? Can I also apply for a leave of absence for this? What do I have to take into account?

In the curriculum B.Sc. There are no compulsory internships in Engineering Science. In principle, it is possible to complete a voluntary internship in an engineering field. In order to be granted a leave of absence, the internship must take up at least half of the lecture period. The matriculation office needs a written approval from the study office. Please send your request to [email protected] The statement will be created if a copy of the internship contract is available or a confirmation of the required length of the internship and a corresponding activity can be proven.

10. What do I have to do if I have missed the re-registration (WS - until 15.02 and SS until 15.08) and am de-registered?

At the beginning of the semester, the TUM will automatically de-register all students who have not re-registered on time. This can have different reasons, for example the failure to transfer the tuition fees on time or the lack of proof of health insurance. You can find the reason for the de-registration in your TUMonline account, where you can see a block and read the reason for this. Please log in and check this reason. You can find more information about the de-registration here:


To cancel the de-registration, please write an informal e-mail with a statement to [email protected]

The statement should contain your matriculation number and a request to cancel your de-registration.

Please send as an attachment (depending on the reason that is displayed to you in TUMonline):

  • Confirmation of transfer (in the event of de-registration due to non-payment of tuition fees)
  • Health insurance certificate (if there is no proof of health insurance)
  • Possibly other documents that are missing and that are required to cancel your de-registration.

After submitting the statement and the documents, your de-registration will be canceled.

Thesis and degree

1. When can I start my bachelor thesis?

With proof of 147 credits, an application for admission to the final thesis can be submitted to the MSE study office. The 6th semester in the curriculum is planned for the Bachelor's thesis. All information about the bachelor thesis and the degree is available every winter semester in the information event for the 5th FS.

2. In which faculties can I write the bachelor thesis?

You can write the thesis at all faculties involved in the BSc Engineering (MSE) degree. You can find a list of these faculties under the heading Course Structure - Participating Faculties http://www.mse.tum.de/studierenden/bsc-ingenieur-wissenschaften/studienaufbau/ The bachelor thesis can not only be submitted to the chairs currently involved in MSE teaching, but can also be written at all chairs and institutes of these faculties. Specific topics can be found e.g. in the student councils such as the FSMB: http://www.fsmb.de/fsmb/service/basama/ or in the MSE research areas.

3. Can I also write my bachelor thesis in a company?

Basically yes, but a professor from the faculties involved in the course must supervise and review the work. He then also awards the grade. If you have any further questions, please contact the MSE Study Office.

4. Can I also write my bachelor thesis abroad?

Basically yes, but a professor from the faculties involved in the course must supervise and review the work. He then also awards the grade. If you have any further questions, please contact the MSE Study Office.

5. What can I do if I can't find a professor or a topic?

If, despite intensive efforts, you cannot find a topic or have not found a supervising professor, the study office will be happy to help you.

6. What organizational matters do I have to do before starting the bachelor thesis?

The application must be submitted to the MSE Study Office using the application form for registering the Bachelor's thesis. Information on this can be found in the guidelines for the bachelor's thesis and bachelor's examination under Downloads - Examination matters http://www.mse.tum.de/studierenden/bsc-ingenieur-wissenschaften/downloads/ The general conditions for the bachelor thesis are basically in the FPSO §46 and APSO §18 (see section Downloads - Statutes).

7. What is the scope of my Bachelor's thesis? Are there the guidelines here?

The Bachelor's thesis gives 12 ECTS and thus comprises 360 working hours. The MSE Study Office does not specify a fixed number of pages or words. Please orient yourself to the layout given by the chair.If you are writing the Bachelor's thesis in English, please note the regulation "Use of English in thesis titles": http://www.tum.de/fileadmin/w00bfo/www/Studium/Dokumente/Pruefungsangelektiven/Verendung_des_Englischen_in_Thesistiteln.pdf

8. Where do I have to hand in my finished work?

All copies required by the supervising chair plus a specimen copy of the bachelor's thesis for the examination board must be submitted in paper form to the MSE study office.

9. What can I do if I cannot meet the deadline?

You can request a one-time extension of the processing time. The application with the application form for the extension of the bachelor's thesis must be submitted to the MSE study office. Information on this can be found in the guidelines for the bachelor's thesis and bachelor's examination

10. What happens if I miss the deadline for submitting my Bachelor's thesis?

A missed submission means = 5.0 ("not published" in TUMonline). The new topic may only be applied for / repeated once (even with another examiner). If the submission deadline for the Bachelor's thesis is in the 9th semester, it is not possible to repeat it.

11. How much time does my supervisor have to correct the thesis?

2 months.

12. What do I have to consider after I have submitted my bachelor thesis and completed the required 210 ECTS? How do I apply for my diploma? When will I get this?

If all examination performances are set to valid in TUMonline (all "Ps" in the study tree are green), then check your performance record. Please note: just looking at the study tree does not provide all the data! Also check the title (de / en) of the Bachelor's thesis! If necessary, fill out the application for the inclusion of individual activities in the diploma supplement in the study office. Then send an email to the study office ([email protected]) with the request that the final documents be issued. After checking by the study office and your approval, the creation of the certificate takes about 3 weeks. The Garching examination office will inform you when the documents are ready to be picked up. If you urgently need to do your B.Sc. If you have to prove your degree (application for M.Sc.), a preliminary confirmation of your degree can be issued at the Garching Examinations Office after your approval.

13. If I have achieved more than the required 210 ECTS points for my degree?

The courses with the best final grades are automatically selected for your degree. We would therefore ask you to inform us which of the subjects you would like to have as an elective and which as an additional subject in your degree (Section 17 (5) APSO). You can later have the additional subjects recognized in the master’s degree.

14. How is the final grade calculated?

All performance of the compulsory area and the two elective areas are included in the average grade (weighted according to ECTS) - including the modules marked as "inactive". Since the FPSO stipulates at least 28 credits in elective area II (§28 FPSO), overhangs that arise from "filling up" the 28 ECTS are fully included in the final grade. No entire module may be "surplus". Excess modules in elective area II are listed as additional subjects. Please note that only the modules marked as additional subjects can be included in a later (master's) course. The overall grade is calculated on the basis of the Credits total of at least 210 credits minus the study achievements (at least 16 credits), i.e. the sum of the products of grade and credits per module (compulsory and elective modules) is divided by the total amount of credits (without the study achievements) . Decimal place cut off.

15. What certificate documents will I receive after graduation?


Certificate = diploma

Diploma Supplement

Transcript of Records

Graduation ranking

16. Does the certificate show how often I have taken an exam?

No. No attempts are noted on the certificate.

17. Can the certificate show how many semesters it took me to graduate?

No. There is no semester number on the certificate. The date of the last performance (submission of the thesis or the last examination) is the date of the certificate. When submitting the bachelor thesis, September 30th applies. as the last possible date for graduation in the summer semester and the 31.03. as the last possible date for graduation in the winter semester. Upon application to the matriculation office, it is possible to withdraw retrospectively if the submission of the bachelor’s thesis should drag on into the following semester. Please inform yourself about the deadlines and application modalities at the matriculation office: www.tum.de/studium/studienschluss/exmatrikulation/

18. For various reasons, I would like to stay enrolled at the MSE in the bachelor's degree for one semester longer despite submitting my bachelor's thesis. Is the?

If you are planning a semester abroad or an internship between a bachelor's and master's degree, you must remain matriculated at TUM. For example, if you are completing a semester abroad or an internship and are still in the B.Sc. wish to remain enrolled, this must be reported in writing to the MSE study office in good time! Please note: After you have completed your last course, you will automatically be de-registered at the end of this semester. At least one performance must still be open in the semester abroad or internship. You can also control this yourself if, for example, you submit the report on "World of Engineering" or the report on the research internship shortly before the desired end of your studies. You are in control of the timing. Please also note the FPSO's study progress control.

19. I have performed all services. Am I deregistered immediately?

After you've performed the final feat, you just will at the end of this semester automatically de-registered. You can, however, be de-registered on request.

20. I have all services until March 31st. for the winter semester or until 30.09 for the summer semester. Can I deregister at the end of the semester?

If the grading is still pending and will take place in the next semester, please report back for the coming semester! You will get the money back when all services have been performed and you submit an application (5 weeks after the start of the lecture period). Otherwise you will be de-registered without a degree !!!