Is sex a bad word

How you can tell that your partner is an ego-fucker & how you can change that

Do you remember the opening scene from Bridesmaids in which Annie is still wearing a bra while having sex with her "Boyfriend Plus"? My best friend stopped the movie at the time and shared her wisdom with me. I was still completely inexperienced in sex and she explained to me that not taking off all clothes is a sign of a bad lover.
Because of my inexperience, I took her at her word. That the guy was actually an ego-fucker turned out to be in the course of the film. I mean, he didn't even take the time to take off her bra to stimulate her nipples (foreplay rule number one, thank you very much). But now that I have gained my own experience, I know that the world is not that black and white either. One act - or the lack of one - doesn't make a guy bad in bed. Sometimes we just forget to take off all our clothes because in the heat of the moment we are simply overwhelmed by our lust. And to be honest, that's pretty sexy at times, too.
Therefore, the bra test is not the ultimate criterion for finding out whether the person you are sleeping with is selfish during sex. In order to get a professional opinion, I talked to Dr. Sadie Allison spoken. She is the founder of and author of the sex position guide, which until now has unfortunately only been published in English Ride 'Em Cowgirl! Sex Position Secrets for Better Bucking. She explained to me that showing signs of self-centered behavior in bed doesn't necessarily mean you are dealing with an ego-fucker. Before you send your lover into the desert, you should check whether it is more inexperience or uncertainty on his side. "Sometimes he or she may not even be aware that he or she is behaving selfishly," says Dr. Allison. "Maybe the person you are talking to has never learned to be a good lover or is still young and inexperienced and thinks he or she knows from porn what good sex should look like."
In our slideshow you will find all of Dr. Allison, to expose a selfish sex partner and what to do about ego behavior in the bedroom.