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Create an explanatory video: The best tools in comparison

The special thing about it: Animaker keeps a lot of interesting ones Special effects ready that other tools don't have. For example, you can assign individual expressions and emotions to your characters and let them change within the same scene. This is done via the Timeline, in which you can set exactly which figure should show a certain emotion at what point in time. You can also specify when the individual objects slide into the scene or when the sound should start and end. Other popular features are the Camera effects (zoom in and out), animated infographics or the special effect Multimove, in which you can move individual objects back and forth within a scene.

disadvantage: You can only use the full range of Animaker in the paid business version. The selection of individual design options for your explainer videoist severely restricted in the freeware version: You cannot download your videos or use them for commercial use. The videos are also limited to a maximum length of only 2 minutes limited.

Another minus point is the confusing platform on which you can see all free and paid templates. In addition, the software - not least because of the many options - is quite complex to use. Because you can manually set all characters, objects, sound effects and graphic animations down to the smallest detail, creating an explanatory video is associated with a relatively high expenditure of time.