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Thank you for your interest in listing your title in the book catalog. Please make sure first that your article is not already in our catalog. You can check this by doing a search on our website.

If your title is already listed on, you will find further information here on how you can add additional texts or images to your article.

If your title is not yet listed on - please read our FAQ page How do the products get on the Amazon website? - We provide you with the following services for inclusion in the catalog:

  • CreateSpace:CreateSpace [external link], a subsidiary of, publishes books, DVDs and CDs on demand. This means that authors and artists can offer their works without storage costs.
  • Amazon Advantage: Through the Advantage program, publishers can upload and sell their articles directly on With this program you ensure the optimal availability of your product ("in stock") on the website. We also offer Advantage Professional as an additional option for specialist books.
  • Amazon Marketplace enables you to sell your products through the catalog pages. They deliver directly to the customer without prior processing via the distribution center.
  • Kindle Direct Publishing: As a publisher or author, you can also make your books digitally available for Kindle and Kindle reading apps. For more information, see our Kindle Direct Publishing pages.

A barcode is required for an item to be included in the catalog. For more information, see our About Barcodes help page.