What is your dream for your life

Dream in your life and live your dream - are you brave enough to change your life?

I now claim the following very cheekily: "You can achieve anything in life if you have the courage to dream." Then all you need is the ambition to create a realistic plan and the will to follow this plan to the end. Only …

Haven't we all indulged in certain daydreams? You may have already imagined (like me) what you would do with a million dollar lottery win. How I would buy the big house by the lake or enjoy the long-awaited vacation on a tropical island. Such dreams are not the aim of this article. Sorry, but I'm not discussing wondrous fantasies that float on a cloud to land in your lap.

What I want to explain to you is how you can really achieve anything in life if it can be realistically implemented. I'm not going to fool you and that's why I'm not saying that it's quick and easy.

"Opportunities are often hidden behind hard work, so most people don't see them."

Ok, if so, we should consider how we can discover these possibilities in an easier way. A first step would be not to make it feel like hard work. The so called hard work should be made through your dreams and a joy. In the end, the path will be even more meaningful than the destination (especially since there isn't really a final destination). The way ... all these hours, days, weeks, months and years of “hard” work, that's the stuff that life is made of.

“The meaning of life is to celebrate this” - Lao Tzu

I suppose you don't want to wish away the majority of your life because it was or is bleak everyday life. Instead, you'd rather live your life with energy, drive, and lust. You want to enjoy life with satisfaction, find meaning and experience peace, happiness and fulfillment.

How it is possible to realize your dreams and achieve your desires

The best way to start is to feel the power of your thoughts. Everything we are and what surrounds us started in your thoughts. From the house you live in to the car you drive, your smartphone, your bedroom and the outfit you are currently wearing. All of these very real and tangible objects were created through a person's mind. You should know that you are a powerful being and that your thoughts affect other things in this world.

“Everything we do, everything we are, is based on our personal strength. When we have enough of it, one word is enough to change the course of our entire life. If not, the most important piece of knowledge can be revealed to us, and that revelation will not bring about the slightest change. " - Carlos Castaneda

The dreams about what you want to achieve in life are, of course, thoughts. Thoughts with a lot of power, but only if you let yourself be the powerful creature that you could be. If not, you are simply using your own strength against yourself. Here is a little story from my own life:

After I was always one of the “little ones” as a child and was therefore often teased and marginalized, it has always been my dream to become an executive in a large company so that I can prove to everyone what I'm capable of.

I still remember that I loved the thought of being a person of respect myself for once, with all the action and excitement that this path of life apparently brings with it. During puberty, I really shot up and put on a lot of muscle. I got better and better at sport and gained a lot of self-confidence. With my strong belief in myself, I laid the perfect tracks to become a good team leader. I wanted to pass on my “strength” to others and support weak team members (as I used to be) and not “tease”. All of this and much more ultimately led me to the Theresian Academy for Management Sciences. After my studies, I started as a trainee, moved up into management and so far have worked in management in 3 top European companies and together with my cousin ran my own company in the USA and finally founded www.hafawo.at.

Looking back, it seems amazing that the dream I had as a little boy really became a reality. Somehow, I made it from a public school in a rural community to a respected executive.

Now when I think about it I know that the number of factors that had to fit together exactly to make this resume possible is out of countable range. The point, however, is that I kept a very close eye on my dream, most of the time. As a result, I was constantly taking small steps that brought me closer to my goal. I shared my dream with others and brought them on board. Other people are powerful stabilizers of intent. When others share your dream, they are not doubling the power of your intentions, they are squaring them. Spiritually speaking, one could say: if two people have the same intention or share the same dream, then the height of the "wave function" is four. If three people share the same dream, the height of the "wave function" is nine. Etc…

I know from experience that my consciousness has an extraordinary power and creative potential. Quantum physics constantly tells us that the observer (consciousness) is also the one who chooses. It tells us that consciousness determines the state of the material world. She says that in the heart of matter there is nothing but potential. So if you are living the life of a victim, if you feel like your life is putting obstacles in your way, then I have unpleasant news for you: As a powerful and decision-making creature, you put these stones in your own path.

Why do we need the courage to dream?

“If you lose hope, you also lose the vitality that drives your life, you lose the courage to live, the ability to continue despite everything. And so I still have a dream today. "
- Martin Luther King, Jr.

The dream of winning the lottery does not require courage. Basically, we know our chances, and we know it's a fantasy that leads nowhere. The media likes to reinforce the illusion of opportunity because they have a selfish interest in separating you from your money. The dream of quitting your job that is slowly eating you up from the inside. The dream of starting your own business to do what you love to do. The dream of writing your own book. The dream of starting a family ... These dreams take courage!

One wise person said one thing: "Dreaming is still a way of planning, or as Karl Lagerfeld once said:" Daydreaming is perhaps the most important work in my life "

Dreams require courage as they are not whims. You are the cornerstone of a plan. It is important to know that you must take full responsibility for yourself if you want to achieve anything meaningful in your life. Seeing yourself in the clear light of truth takes courage. Why? It takes courage to face the unsightly fact that only you are “to blame” for your current situation in life.

“Try to catch yourself complaining, either verbally or mentally, about the situation you are in, about the talk or actions of other people, your surroundings, your life situation or even the weather. Complaining is always a failure to accept the current state of affairs. And it always subconsciously brings with it a negative feeling. If you complain, you condemn yourself to be a victim. End the situation or accept it. Anything else would be madness. "
- Eckhart Tolle

It is very easy to complain about the state of your life, your health and your whole existence. It's easy to blame everyone else, your parents, your girlfriend, your boss, or, once again, the incompetent government. ALL ... just not yourself. It's a lot easier than facing the truth. Because the truth is that this life is your own choice and you should accept that.

Know that acceptance does not mean surrender. Imagine you are going somewhere you have never been before and you get lost on the way. To get to your desired destination, look for a street name and stop to look at the map. Now that you know where you are, you can figure out an exact course and achieve your goal.

The fact is: if you dream of success, and this is to become a reality, you have to understand the current state of your life and your being

Some time ago I realized something very obvious. I realized that once you give up on your dream, be it from your own business, sailing around the world or climbing a mountain, you have failed 100%. Sorry for this tough honesty, but no matter why: if you don't keep working on a plan and you don't get closer to your dreams, then you will not achieve them, and 100% not!

Courage to dream!

There will always be obstacles in trying to achieve your dreams. So don't give up at the first hurdle, otherwise the whole thing was more of a soap bubble and not a real dream of yours. Dreams drive us. They motivate us and make us keep going. Go back to work if something goes wrong. To get up again when you fall.

These “difficult” moments are important. They serve to put you to the test. To ask yourself, “Do you really want it? Do you believe in your dream with all your heart? ”. If you reach an obstacle and give up, then it probably wasn't your real dream that you followed. You probably only did what the social and media environment wanted you to do. Most people think they'd like to be wealthy, and yet most aren't. Why? It takes a lot of hard work and persistence to get and stay wealthy.

"The first step on your path to personal growth must be to realize that your life in its current state is not what you would like it to be."

All powerful beings, blessed with self-confidence, we are able to achieve anything we want. But only if they believe that they can and really want to. Persistence is the key. Persistence Leads to Success! And if you follow your true dreams, you will feel that you can't help but stick with it! Jack Ma, for example, is a role model here.

Jack Ma's internet career began as a crime thriller. In 1995 the then 29-year-old interpreter traveled to California to collect debts from a US contract partner for a Chinese company. But instead of paying, the American drew a gun and held Ma prisoner in his villa in Malibu. Ma excused himself by promising his hostage taker that he would start an internet company with him in China. Although he had little idea what to do with a computer. He had no idea about the World Wide Web anyway. He fled to Seattle, where friends showed him "that internet thing". The first terms that Ma typed into a search engine called Yahoo that was founded only a year earlier: “Beer” and “China”. The combination didn't come up with any hits - and it dawned on Ma that the Internet could offer tremendous business opportunities in China. Less than two decades later, Ma is one of the richest men in China, with personal wealth ranging from $ 10 billion to $ 11.4 billion, depending on who you ask. In his home country he has long been considered a cult figure, a symbol for free enterprise, if not for the Internet itself. (Source: www.spiegel.de)

I think Jack Ma will have faced many obstacles in China too, but whatever obstacle blocks your path to your dream, you will find a creative way around it. If you can't do it through sheer dedication, you should seek help from others who can help you with this cause. Failure is not an option. Just giving up because it would take too long is also not an option. “Perseverance beats talent” claims economic researcher and university professor Matthias Sutter in his book The Discovery of Patience: Perseverance Beats Talent. Using astonishing research results, he shows what we can achieve in life with more perseverance, which factors have a decisive influence on our endurance and how we can successfully control our own impatience and that of our children. Because one thing is certain: Those who exercise patience today will benefit from it tomorrow. Really unyielding tenacity comes from the invigorating feeling of chasing after your true dreams.

Intelligence and achieving what you want in life

While some people seem to get there more often through the luck of the stupid than through anything else, you usually need a certain level of intelligence to achieve your dreams. Especially if you want to achieve something that society is not geared towards achieving. Something outside of classic things such as: your job, a functioning relationship with children or your own house. I know these things are hard enough to achieve. But to go beyond that, to break with tradition, to tread your own path, to live your unique dream, more is required. As mentioned above, first of all you need the courage to dream and you need a certain intelligence. But what is intelligence?

"The smartest thing you can do with your life is to let it grow."

Broadly defined, intelligence is the ability to grasp experiences and to learn and benefit from them. The ability to understand, learn from, and adapt to your environment. The ability to change based on experience. That means we have to let go of our previous visions and ideas, or at least expand them ... We have to grow.

The word “intelligence” comes from “intelligo”, which means “to choose from”. So being intelligent also means choosing decisions from the realm of the possible. The difference between an intelligent person and an animal is that the animal acts on instinct, which arises from learning from stimulus-reaction patterns. People have the potential to be really creative with intelligence. They can make choices in their actions. A choice from the available resources.

To achieve your dreams you need to grow, and to do that, we just discovered you need intelligence. What we have achieved so far, we have achieved as the person we are now. If you want to achieve something greater, then you have to have the courage to dream, acquire knowledge to increase your intelligence and finally trust yourself with the foresight to plan beyond your limits.

"I've always had the feeling that one can read a person's intelligence directly from the number of points of view they are considering at the same time on a subject."

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