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Fear of Telephoning - How to Overcome It to Become Successful in Network Marketing

Would you like to create a different lifestyle for yourself with your company or your network marketing business?
Are you scared when it comes to finding new prospects and talking to other people?
If you're in sales or network marketing, you definitely need to be able to talk to other people; there is no other way. Be it online or offline, on the phone or in a personal conversation. If you want to be successful with your business, you have to talk to people.

Calling people is a fantastic way to familiarize yourself with phone conversations and it could certainly help you overcome phone anxiety and build trust and attitude. But what can you do when that big black wall of fear builds up in front of you when you even think about picking up the phone and calling a prospect or prospect? How can you break the spiral of fear?

Fear of Telephoning - How to Overcome It to Become Successful in Network Marketing

What is fear

Fear is an illusion that you make up in your head. It is not real. After all, it is not the actual activity of doing something that scares you. The activity of making a phone call, standing in front of a group of people and giving a speech, or approaching a group of strangers to introduce yourself.

The activity itself is not the cause of the fear; it is the fear of fear, that is, the expectations you associate with the activity that scares you.

Fear is an illusion. You make it up.

While danger is real - fear is a choice. Fear is not real. it is the product of thoughts that you make up.

How to overcome fear

To do this, we need to understand two things:

  • Fear does not exist. It's just a fantasy and an illusion.
  • It's not even the actual activity you're afraid of - it's the fear of the fear you're afraid of. This mental illusion is so perverse that you start to fear the fear before you start doing what you fear. When you start the actual activity, you fear that the fear will actually go away. In other words, it is the illusion of the idea of ​​fear that scares you.

How can you break the spiral of fear?

Your feelings of fear are very real, but what your mind makes of them is illusory but what it does to your nervous system and heart rate is very real. How can we break this pattern?

The only solution to this is: confront your fears directly - confront them!

Overcoming your fear of the phone takes a lot less effort and courage than you think. We don't have to be brave all day and every day to be successful. It only takes about 15-20 seconds and that 3 times a day! Of course, this can be expanded as you wish, if you want or have to. This short time frame is necessary to call the scary prospect or to introduce ourselves to a new prospect at a networking event.

If you want to learn more about this, read my 9 Tips - How to Become a Good Networker here.

In less than 15 seconds you can pick up a phone and dial a number, or walk up to a group of strangers and say, “Hi, I'm Peter. Nice to meet you. How are you …"

Now you are surely asking: What do I do when this massive fear wall builds up?

Here's what you do: turn off your brain, close your eyes and hold your breath if you need to, and do exactly what your brain tells you to do NOT to do.

Do exactly what scares you! Confront your fear in order to overcome your fears.

Look at it from a different angle: A normally functioning brain would never allow you to parachute out of an airplane or fall from a tall building or mountain to do base jumping. Especially not if it's the first time you've done it; because your brain has no way of knowing how safe this activity is.

Your brain won't let you jump!

To do this, we have to understand that our brain is programmed to “survive”. Most people don't understand. They think our brain wants happiness, peace, love, joy, or adventure. No, not at all! The only thing our brain has in its job description is "survival".

The brain controls basic functions for the survival of all animals and humans, such as heart rate, breathing, digesting food and sleeping. Our brains were developed a long time ago when the human race began to exist. Those were different times and people faced real dangers all day.

The "old brain" regulates basic survival functions of life, such as moving, resting, eating, paying attention and motor reactions such as defending yourself and running away.

There is absolutely no intellectual way to convince a healthy brain that jumping out of a plane or a skyscraper is a good idea. To do this, you actually have to turn off your brain for a few seconds in order to propel your body out the door of the plane or jump off that mountain.

"Turning off your brain" for a few seconds is what you have to do if you want to turn off your "ancient fear response system".

Once you know it isn't dangerous to pick up the phone or introduce yourself to a potential customer, turn off your brain and get started right away. Just turn off your brain and start dialing the number on your cell phone and say, “Hello, I'm Peter. I just want to call you briefly to let you know ... "

Those 15 seconds are enough time to begin the activity and for your brain to realize ... it's not dangerous and you won't die in the process.

That's the key point here: the activities you are most afraid of are activities that can be a big breakthrough in your success.

Think about what you could achieve if you only forced your brain to be brave for 15 seconds ... just 3 times a day.

Think how this could mean for your success and your lifestyle. Think about the potential breakthroughs you could make in your network marketing business and how different your life could be.

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