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US Half Dollars - classic coins for more than 200 years

US Half Dollars - classic coins for more than 200 years

Hardly any other collecting area creates it more effortlessly, rousing coin history to associate with sometimes enormous value than the US half dollar. Minted for the first time in 1794, his motive from that time is now considered the most famous double motif in the world: The Lady Liberty together with the American Eagle! If you are interested in US coins, then the Half Dollars should definitely not be missing from your collection. Convince yourself today of the small but historical collecting area the US half dollars!

Classics of numismatics

If you have chosen the coins of the USA as your collecting area, then the half dollar is also on your program. Like the 1 dollar coin, the US half dollar also became Minted for the first time in 1794, back then as a 50-cent piece.

The motif is now one of the big ones Numismatics classics: On the front was the Lady Liberty to see while on the back the Heraldic eagle the United States spread its wings.

Since 1971, the half dollar coin has had one Copper-nickel alloy, like the quarter dollar and the dime. It has a diameter of 30.6 millimeters, a thickness of 2.1 millimeters and weighs 11.3 grams.

Half Dollars: Extremely valuable

Until 1947 the Liberty embossed in a total of 6 different variants. The first two, the so-called "Flowing Hair Half Dollar" and the "Draped Bust Half Dollar" are the most valuable: depending on their condition, these extremely rare collectibles can fetch over $ 1 million!

Then there were the following half dollars:

  • Capped Bust Half Dollar
  • Seated Liberty Half Dollar
  • Barber half dollar
  • Walking Liberty Half Dollar

The Liberty was followed by Benjamin Franklin, one of the fathers of American independence.

On its coin is the word "Liberty" and the saying "In God We Trust". The portrait of Benjamin Franklin looks to the right on the coins. On the back of the coin is the Liberty Bell pictured who has been rung when the Declaration of Independence was read out in public for the first time.

However, Benjamin Franklin was only able to hold his own on the half dollar for 15 years. Because then came John F. Kennedy: Just 3 months after the popular US President was assassinated, the new Half Dollar with his portrait was issued. The "Kennedy Half" was brought out in honor of Kennedy and replaced the "Franklin Half".

  • 1/2 dollar USA 100th birthday of John F. Kennedy 2017 (original silver coin of the first year with 2 ounce bars made of pure silver)
  • Half-Dollar USA 50 years Kennedy-Half-Dollar 2014 (first half dollar gold coin of the USA)

Collector's editions and commemorative coins

In addition to the usual half dollar circulation coins, the U.S. Mint also commemorative editions. E.g. for the African Americans Washington Carver and Booker T. Washingtonwhose commitment to equal rights for blacks was recognized in this way.

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