Is WordPress multisite network bad for SEO

The pros and cons of a WordPress multisite

The WordPress Multisite Network is a WordPress feature that allows its users to control an entire network of sites with a single WordPress installation. But when does a multisite make sense and what are the advantages and disadvantages? In the series "Set up a WordPress Multisite", the elancer team takes a close look at the WordPress Multisite Network for you.

Setting up a WordPress multisite network is a decision that needs to be carefully considered, because a multisite has its advantages, but also its disadvantages. We have listed the most important ones for you:


  • You only have to do the WordPress installation for your multisite once. The installation is almost the same as with a normal WordPress installation and you do not need any additional software.
  • Since all your pages run through a single installation, you only have to perform a single WordPress update - the update then automatically applies to your entire network.
  • With a single installation you can use a plugin or widget on all associated pages.
  • You can refine the structure of your domain by creating subdomains like or directories like….
  • A network admin, the so-called super admin, can easily set up and control endless (yes, really!) Pages or blogs.
  • Each page can have its own administrators, whose user rights are limited to its own page.
  • You have all your pages at a glance and can switch between them quickly and easily.
  • You can allow users to create their own small blogs.
  • If required, users can log into all subdomains with one account and do not have to create multiple accounts.


  • Since you only carry out a single WordPress installation on your server, the entire network is also located on this server. In the event of a server failure, not just one side is down, but the entire multisite network.
  • You only have to log into your backend once to control all pages. Conversely, this means that your backend only needs to be hacked once and that person has access to all of your pages, not just one. Means: If your domain is hacked, all pages are hacked.
  • A WordPress multisite network can take on very complex structures. It can happen that some plugins do not work well with a WordPress Multisite Network and run incorrectly or fail.
  • In principle, the WordPress Multisite only allows one domain. This means that all of your pages have the same domain name - at least without additional plugins or other tricks.
  • The management of server resources can be a challenge, especially for WordPress beginners - which occurs when one or more of your pages have unusually high traffic.

In order to be able to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages of a WordPress Multisite Network even better for you, you should be clear in advance about the requirements of your pages - only then can you say with certainty whether you enjoy the advantages of such a network Side network work for you or whether you don't need a multisite network.

You don't trust yourself to make this decision and are unsure whether a WordPress multisite is worthwhile for you? Do you need help setting up the multisite network? Then the elancer team is at your side with advice and action. The web development team from Cologne provides you with a WordPress professional who will professionally implement your wishes. Just contact us.