What are you looking for in life

"What are you looking for here on Tinder?" 3 cool answers

You write a few messages back and forth with this woman, the chat is okay. But then suddenly this killer question comes out of nowhere: "Tell me, what are you looking for here on Tinder / Lovoo / Parship etc.?

At first you sit there perplexed and don't know what to write back.

Because you know exactly: If you give the wrong answer now, the woman will shoot you on the moon instead of arranging a hot date with you.

Because what if she gets the impression that you really only want sex, but she is looking for a steady relationship?

Or when you tell her that you are looking for a great partnership - and thus only appear like a hopeless romantic from “wanted daughter-in-law”?

So: Don't write anything to her now, read this article first!

With my flirting knowledge you can then answer her something that increases your chances with her enormously.

Why women ask "What are you looking for here"

It's actually very simple: With this admittedly quite annoying question, the woman wants to find out whether you have the same goal in online dating.

Even more:

She wants to know if you are on the same wavelength and if you have the same ideas about sex and partnership when searching.

With questions like "What are you looking for here", the lady wants to clarify the fronts.

She does NOT want to spend hours on Tinder chat with a guy back and forth ...

... only to find out in the end, disappointed, that the man has very different intentions than herself.

Getting into the wrong partner would not only be a pure waste of time, but can also lead to really unpleasant situations on a real date:

Case 1: She wants a relationship, he doesn't

Many women who are willing to relate are afraid of being used only for sex and then "thrown away" like a used handkerchief.

Because in practice it often works like this:

The man makes her beautiful eyes and raves about a great partnership in the most beautiful flute tones just to get her to bed.

He tells her on the date how damn serious he means it. And of course she falls head over heels in love with him ...

But as soon as he got it in the box (and drank the "coffee after"), he suddenly stopped answering or gave her a rebuff.

And the lady? She's left with a broken heart.

With the question “What are you looking for here”, the woman wants to test you to make sure that you don't get back to the wrong man who only lies to her and exploits her sexually.

Case 2: She just wants "something relaxed"

In fact, there are women (albeit few) who deliberately seek sex through Tinder and other online dating platforms.

Then the lady has to make sure that she doesn't bring a clingy guy into the house who proposes to her after the first night in bed.

She doesn't want an annoying admirer who sends her flowers, writes a thousand WhatsApp messages a day and invites her to dinner in expensive restaurants.

She just wants to fuck.

In this case, questions like "What are you looking for here" serve the purpose of finding a man who also only wants a bed story and not a steady girlfriend ...

She is simply looking for a relaxed, fluffy lover with whom she does not have to fear that he will confess his great love to her and become a stalker.

3 errors in answering the question

I have already seen many men who have ridden their pigs with their answer to the question "What are you looking for here?"

And that everywhere, whether on Tinder, Lovoo or other online dating portals.

Avoid these 3 faux pas when writing back to her:

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1. Counter question: "What are you looking for?"

Please do not just play the ball back like in ping-pong by answering her question with the same counter-question!

Please also do not write: "Why do you ask that?"!

Because what are you signaling to the woman with this type of answer?

She will think:

Oh, this man is playing tactical games. He tries first to find out what I want, only to then adapt to my opinion and speak after my mouth.

He's probably doing that out of fear of scaring me off. Apparently he has something negative to hide!

Leave that in your communication! Women are not stupid.

With the counter-question "What are you looking for here?" The lady gets the impression on Tinder that you are not only insecure and cowardly, but also dishonest.

Her trust in you is broken like grandma's expensive vase drinking for her 60th birthday :-)

2. "I'm looking for my dream woman"

Other men throw themselves in the dust (figuratively speaking) and assure the woman that they are seriously looking for a relationship - the partner for life, the great love.

If she just wants sex, you will of course not be successful with this answer to the question "What are you looking for here?"

Apart from that, such a "dream woman confession" can seem rather implausible if you have previously sent signals in the direction of one-night-stand and affair (also through your profile pictures and profile texts).

You also create pressure when dating, because the woman will think:

Hm, this man seems desperate for a girlfriend. Hopefully it won't turn into a burdock?

Even IF she is looking for a partnership just like you:

She will always have to fear that you will continue to run after her desperately if she is not interested in anything serious in the end.

3. "I'm just looking for something casual"

Sure, if she dreams of starting a family with a semi-detached house and three children, you will chase her away with this answer anyway.

But let's swallow the red pill of truth:

Some women are even willing to engage in a friendship plus, affair, or other sex story with a guy from online dating.

Or do you think they would say "No" if George Clooney suddenly appeared in front of them in his underwear?

But they would NEVER openly admit it (not even to themselves!) Because they don't want to be seen as a “cheap bitch”.

In order to maintain their reputation as chaste girls, write sentences such as:

  • "No Fuck Boys"
  • "No F +"
  • "No ONS"

Your best friend could happen to see her Tinder profile and fall from the clouds ...

So why should a woman agree with you when you answer the question "What are you looking for here" directly with "Nothing serious, just sex"?

Please only show her your purely erotic interest on a real date, when she has enough confidence to reveal her true sexual needs to you!

The only exception:

She writes directly in her profile that she is looking for “only something non-binding”.

This type of woman is open to her own sexuality and has no problem with directly agreeing to your direct proposal after a sex meeting, as long as she likes you visually.

With all other women, you have to keep a low profile first and cleverly avoid such questions:

3 answers to "What are you looking for here?" (+ Examples)

Okay, so far as to the mistakes that you should avoid in your conversation like dangerous landmines.

But how can you then answer the question "What are you looking for here?" - also as an optimal preparation to initiate a sex date?

Basically, as I said, I recommend you as a tip to evade and never clearly state yourself in your answer. You have seen that you can only land on black ice with it and almost never win.

Here are the 3 best ways to get your next message to her:

1. Funny answers to "What are you looking for"

Women love men with a sense of humor. You can therefore counter the sentence “What are you looking for here on Tinder?” With a funny answer.

Here are two examples:

  • "I'm looking for something solid ... may I pinch your calf for a test?"
  • "An LP from AC / DC from 1992 ... didn't I end up on the exchange for used records?"

Answer humorous! By making them laugh, you are not only generating positive emotions.

At the same time, you show that you as a man do not allow yourself to be disturbed by such questions, and you skilfully evade your funny reaction.

2. Let them fight for you!

If she writes: "What are you looking for here", you can also deliberately misunderstand her question:

I'm looking for a woman who is cool, has a sense of humor, loves good food and likes to travel ... whether it fits will be shown on the date!

Do you see what's happening here?

You don't even go into whether you're just looking for sex or a committed relationship.

Instead, you simply enumerate which characteristics the woman should have in order to be sufficient for you when looking for a partner.

That shows great self-confidence!

If you have so far aroused a strong interest in her through your dating profile and your chat messages on Tinder and Co., she will now ask:

Oh, hopefully I'll meet his expectations ... ???

So you are no longer running after the woman like a dachshund, but SHE will try to please YOU and fight for you!

With the reference to the "date" you are also setting the first signals in your communication for an imminent meeting.

By the way, in this article you will learn how to arrange a Tinder date.

3. The relaxed search

Many men approach the search for a partner with a lot of pressure as if they were fighting for the last Christmas goose in the supermarket on Christmas Eve.

It can therefore help to present yourself as a relaxed type.

So a tough guy who is NOT desperately looking for great love or just a bed bunny, but answers very loosely:

  • "I'm not looking for anything in particular, I let everything come my way."
  • "First meet in person and then see what happens."
  • “I'm not looking, I believe that the pot and lid somehow come together automatically. If it should happen, then it will happen! "

Anyone who writes as in these examples shows a deep relaxation as a man.

And such behavior has the psychological effect that the woman will feel less stressed and will associate positive emotions with you.

The question “What are you looking for here?” On Tinder, Lovoo and other online dating platforms is easier to wipe off the table than the last crumbs of breakfast.

How you can then conquer her on the date

Okay, now you can quickly counter such questions and stay with the woman in the race.

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