What are the countries that are recruiting foreign doctors

Foreign doctors

The number of foreign doctors registered in Germany rose by 4,117 in 2016, which corresponds to 9.7 percent, to 46,721. The increase in employed foreign doctors was 10.0 percent in 2016 (previous year 9.1 percent). This means that 11.0 percent of the doctors working in Germany are foreign nationals. As in previous years, the growth rate of foreign doctors who work in hospitals is particularly pronounced, at 9.6 percent (previous year 9.2 percent). The strongest increases were recorded by doctors from European countries with 1,959 and from Asia with 1,601. The number of doctors from the European Union fell by - 1,430, which corresponds to - 6.5 percent. The largest influx came from Syria (+ 746), followed by Romania (+ 223), Serbia (+ 218), Ukraine (+ 160), Russia (+ 109) and Azerbaijan (+ 108). The largest number of foreign doctors comes from Romania (4,285), Greece (3,118) and Syria (2,895) followed by Austria (2,600). This means that 68.6 percent of all foreign doctors in Germany come from Europe, 21.3 percent from Asia, 6.4 percent from Africa and 3.1 percent from America. Figure 9: Development of employed foreign doctors Figure 9: Development of employed foreign doctors [PDF] Table 10: Foreign doctors in the Federal Republic of Germany on December 31, 2016 [PDF] Table 12: First access to doctors from the European Union in Year 2016 [PDF]