How is a sniper trained?

Bundeswehr sniper training: how do I become a sniper?

When it comes to the most interesting professions and training opportunities, the Bundeswehr is always at the forefront. In addition, in this case the Bundeswehr sniper training is one of the training courses in which an enormous number of people are interested. Right at the beginning we can tell you that it is not that easy to become part of the Bundeswehr snipers. What you need to know about this topic, how you can tackle it as a sniper and which hurdles await you, we will now show you in the following.

Bundeswehr snipers: what does the work look like?

Snipers are a very special part of the Bundeswehr units. In this case, you are usually on foot during the mission or are brought to a certain position by vehicles. This is a Position that is at a great distance from the actual focus of the battle or the observation zone. The Bundeswehr snipers watch what is happening and provide their comrades with fire protection from a distance at the same time. The snipers are used as part of the troops of hunters or mountain troops.

Bundeswehr sniper training: what do i need to know?

Even if many people find out about sniper training in the Bundeswehr, you should know that such a career path cannot be embarked on right from the start. As already mentioned, The Bundeswehr snipers are part of the Hunteror Mountaineer. For the role as a sniper, however, only those people are considered who have drawn attention to themselves with good performance on the weapon. So you have to do it first complete regular basic training with the Bundeswehr and can then do a special BW sniper training - but only if you are eligible for it.

If you stand out in your training with good performance at the weapon, your supervisor will probably approach you and talk to you about a possible sniper training.

Bundeswehr sniper training requirement: You have to pay attention to this

You will find out in the course of your training whether you are eligible for sniper training in the German Armed Forces. In order for you to get close to the Bundeswehr sniper equipment, you first have to go through the classic basic training as a hunter or mountain hunter. And Certain requirements are already placed on you for this. You can only submit your application to the Bundeswehr if you can meet these requirements. And now we'll show you what the exact requirements are:

  • At least 17 years old
  • Completed full-time compulsory education
  • Motivated to perform well
  • Physical fitness
  • German citizenship available
  • Willingness to be transferred nationwide
  • Willingness to take part in missions abroad

Do these points apply to you the most important prerequisites are first met. You can then submit your application to the Bundeswehr.

Becoming a sniper: application and selection process

The first real step on the way to becoming a Bundeswehr sniper rifle is to submit your application. You should use the Bundeswehr application module for this, which makes it easy for you to submit your documents. Nevertheless, you are of course asked a bit yourself and should make sure that the documents are all complete. Keep that in mind: This application is your first impression and of course it should be as good as possible. Applying by post is not recommended, as this is much more complex and takes a lot more time.

If the selection committee likes your application, you will receive feedback and at the same time you will be invited to take the Bundeswehr recruitment test or the selection process.

Pass the recruitment test

You can rely on the fact that you will be tested on several exercises in the recruitment test in advance of your training. For example, the Bundeswehr is interested in your general education, but at the same time would like to see how well you are familiar with maths or the German language.In addition, your reaction speed, your memory ability or your multi-tasking ability are checked with the help of a computer-based test. In order to be able to assess your athletic performance, the Bundeswehr also lets you complete a sports test.

You will only be considered for the German Bundeswehr sniper training if you master every test in the selection process. If you fail a task, you will be eliminated from the selection process immediately.

Conclusion: The special way to train snipers

Many people share the desire to be trained at one of the Bundeswehr sniper locations. However, snipers have a very special role to play and must therefore be carefully selected. Before you can decorate yourself with one of the Bundeswehr sniper badges, you must first be invited to a Bundeswehr sniper course. And only those who have been able to leave particularly good impressions on the weapon and otherwise have this luck. Incidentally, you should think about the selection process and of course prepare for it as intensively as possible.

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