Sanskrit is an artificial language

Why is Sanskrit the best language for AI?

According to NASA scientist Rick Briggs, Sanskrit is the best language for AI. I want to know how useful Sanskrit is. What's the problem with other languages? Are they really using or doing Sanskrit in AI programming? Which part of an AI program needs such a language?


Rick Briggs refers to the difficulty of an artificial intelligence in discerning the true meaning of words spoken or written in one of our natural languages. Take, for example, an artificial intelligence trying to determine the meaning of a sarcastic sentence.

Of course, the phrase "That's exactly what I needed today!" can be an expression of very different feelings. In one case, a happy person who finds an item that has been lost for some time might get excited or cheered by the event and claim that that moment of triumph was exactly what it took their day to continue to be happy . On the flip side, an angry office worker having a rough day might accidentally worsen their situation by spilling hot coffee on himself and sarcastically exclaiming that this additional hassle was exactly what he needed today. This phrase should be interpreted as the man expressing that spilling coffee made his bad day worse in this situation.

This is a small example that explains why linguistic analysis is difficult for artificial intelligence. When this example is spoken, it is extremely difficult for an AI with a microphone to accurately detect small fluctuations in tone and readings. and if the sentence were simply read, how would be then to distinguish one example from the other without context?

Rick Briggs suggests that Sanskrit, an ancient form of communication, is a naturally spoken language with mechanics and grammatical rules that would allow an artificial intelligence to interpret sentences more accurately during speech analysis. A more precise linguistic analysis would lead to an artificial intelligence being able to react more precisely. You can read more about Rick Brigg's thoughts on the language here.

Add a few things to what Christian said. Facts from the book Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach
Burrhus Frederic Skinner, psychologist and behaviorist, published his book Verbal Behavior in 1957. His work contains a detailed account of the behavioral approach to language learning.

Noam Chomsky later wrote a review of the book, which for some reason became more famous than the book itself. Chomsky has his own theory of syntactic structures for this. He even mentioned that behavior theory failed to address the concept of creativity in language because it failed to explain how a child could understand and form sentences they had never heard before. His theory, based on syntactic models, goes back to the Indian linguist Panini (350 BC) was an ancient Sanskrit philologist, grammarian, and a revered scholar .

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