Does this PC work?

Will this PC work with these components?

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I once picked out old components but I'm not 100% sure whether everything really fits.

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It will work. However, with a Vega 64 and the aforementioned power supply, there is no guarantee of how long this will be the case, at least under load. With a Vega 64 it should be at least 650 watts upwards. Here in the forum are several threads with people who had their problems with power supplies that were below 650 watts. And I'm talking about really good branded power supplies.

SSD`s no longer cost the world. And with the one listed you have saved at the wrong end. With a Samsung Evo 860 with 480 Gbyte you are only a few € more expensive, but you are much better positioned and have a 5-year guarantee.

Let's get to the cooler, I don't know if you want to over-take. If so, you can bag the same one in advance. The Ryzen 2700X is also happy about good cooling in other ways and then thanks you for it. A cooler like the one from my profile is almost mandatory for this processor.

A Noctua NH-U14S keeps the Ryzen 2700X more than well under control. In addition, you have the security of a 6-year guarantee as well as one of the best fans, which you can even add a second one if you want, material is included. Also one of the best thermal pastes, as well as with a future socket change at some point, you get the material from Noctua for free. So spend money once and have your peace and quiet forever, so to speak. No other cooler manufacturer can offer this in the overall package.

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