Is trust part of love

11 reasons trust is more important than love in a relationship

Why is trust more important than love in a relationship?

Love feels great Entering a new romantic relationship can feel really amazing, with exciting dates full of laughter, long walks in the late hours of the night, cozy evenings on the couch together watching horror movies and experiencing those passionate kisses.

But what doesn't feel good is being in a relationship where there is no trust. When love and excitement are replaced with doubt and fear, things start to develop in a terrible way. And that's why trust is sometimes more important than love in a relationship.

The fact is, we all carry burdens with us, and voluntarily or not, we bring those burdens into our relationships.

Whether you are dealing with a childhood trauma or trying to overcome infidelity in your previous relationship, our past always affects our relationships in one way or another.

That is why trust is at the core of every relationship. Trust is critical to the success and satisfaction of relationships. But trust is also fragile. Once it's broken, it can be really, really hard to rebuild in a relationship.

What do you mean by trust

"Trust means that you don't have to know all the details before opening your heart." - Unknown

Trusting in a relationship means believing that your partner is reliable and has your interests in their heart. It means that you have faith and trust in him. And you feel emotionally and physically safe with him as he does with you.

It means that you expect respect, integrity, loyalty, and honesty in your relationship. You expect your partner to keep promises, secrets, and support you when the tide gets rough.

But trust also means that you understand your partner and forgive him when he breaks promises and agreements. You can't have trust in a relationship when one partner is ready while the other doesn't want to.

In a healthy relationship, both partners will express their trust in different ways, such as through:


Trust regardless of who you hang out with

Consideration for their needs

Listening, understanding and support

By not dominating or controlling the partner

Through consideration and care

By doing what they said

By believing that their partner knows what is best for them

By trying to resolve conflicts in a mature and healthy way

Respect for personal limits

Respectful interaction with the partner

Sense of security

By relying on their partner without being dependent

By not having to constantly check on their partner

Focus on building a deep connection

Reliability and availability

Respect for their limits

Freedom to live life in their own way

Mutual trust gives you the freedom to be your real self in the relationship. You and your partner can gradually and naturally build trust in your relationship by loving and caring for one another.

However, you cannot force anyone to trust you, nor can you demand it. It will take time to develop trust in your relationship.

Is Trust More Important Than Love?

While you might feel like saying that love is the most important part of a relationship, I would say that trust is the most important thing in any relationship, romantic or not.

Take a moment to really think about it. Imagine a relationship without trust - you and your spouse / partner love each other very much, but you don't necessarily trust them. Now if he tells you he's going to be on a business trip over the weekend, how would you feel?

Would you feel that he is working hard to give you a good life? Or would you think he's having an affair with someone from work? Most likely, you would think that your partner is cheating on you.

You will lose your peace of mind. You will start to doubt him. You will continue to check his laptop and cell phone. You will try to chase him. You will ask him a lot of questions.

You will instigate disputes. And that will lead to the likely end of the relationship. Love without trust doesn't look so good. Does it do that?

A relationship can easily turn into a nightmare if there is no trust in it. Your relationship is gradually becoming unhealthy, dysfunctional, chaotic, and toxic.

And that's a recipe for disaster. Trust is crucial for your relationship to thrive. Trust is essential to love and to feel loved.

Why trust drives a relationship more than love?

In case you're still wondering, here are eleven good reasons why trust is important and the driving factor in a healthy relationship:

1. Trust and love go hand in hand

If you knew that a person would definitely cheat on you, would you still choose to love them? No. You will not. Nobody wants to have their hearts broken on purpose.

As rational people, we can only love people we trust. It's the building block of a relationship. Love comes from trust.

You may still be drawn to this person, but you cannot love them. A relationship that is not based on trust will not survive the test of time.

2. You can finally heal yourself

As I said earlier, most of us carry baggage from previous relationships. Trusting your new partner will help you heal from previous emotional wounds. It will empower you to move on and free yourself and give you the strength to love openly again.

3. You become a better person

If you trust your partner, you won't feel insecure when you spend time apart. You become more open to giving your partner space.

This way, you can find more time for yourself without worrying about your relationship. This allows both of you to focus on your self development and become better people and partners.

4. Trust leads to acceptance

When you and your partner trust each other, you don't feel the need to give justifications for every single thing you do.

There is no need to explain yourself as you understand your partner and their decisions and actions. This will help you accept him for who he is without wanting to change him to match your perception of the ideal partner.

5. It calms your relationship

Sometimes we all tend to doubt and wonder if our partner loves us as much as we love them. Due to everyday life, we are usually not able to shower our partners with love or express our feelings towards them.

This can lead to the development of a distance between the partners. But with confidence, you can be sure that your spouse or partner loves you no matter the busy dates, arguments, and arguments.

6. You get closer by encountering obstacles

With trust, your relationship can overcome the greatest obstacles. Every relationship goes through some challenges.

Trust helps create a stronger bond that will help overcome any differences in your relationship. When you feel safe and secure with your partner, you will feel safe about your relationship, your life, and yourself.

7. You can control emotions better

When it comes to a relationship, it's all about emotions. However, things can go wrong when your emotions get out of hand. As emotional individuals, we invest in building meaningful relationships because we value a person.

If you trust your partner, you will know better and overlook their irritating behavior. If he hurts you for any reason, trust allows you to see that there is a reason for his behavior. This will help you build a healthy, lasting relationship.

8. Love can be blind, but trust cannot

It's hard to trust someone. You have to be vulnerable enough to let someone into your life and trust them enough to love them heartily.

But when that trust is broken, it makes you more rational and logical, as opposed to love, which blinds us to the many flaws in our relationship. Love scares us, but trust enables us.

9. It strengthens self-confidence

Trust can actually help you achieve more in life. When you know that the person you love will be there to support and love you even when you fail, you feel an inner strength to face and overcome even the toughest challenges.

Your partner will give you the confidence to learn new skills and take new initiatives to achieve your dreams and goals.

10. Trust makes you more positive

A relationship without trust slowly turns you into a negative person by making you insecure, doubtful, jealous, and disappointed.

However, trust in the partner will help you develop a positive mindset and personality. Since you are not surrounded by negative emotions, you can love more openly and use this positive atmosphere in other aspects of your life.

11. Learn to love again

Your trust has been broken in the past. We have all experienced that. And it hurts. But if you trust someone, you can love again. It will help you find happiness again.

Once your trust is broken, you become more careful about trusting people and that will help you find the right person to give you the love you deserve.

While you shouldn't trust anyone, you will be more than willing to take the risk if you meet the right person. Trust will come as a natural emotion and you will learn to love again.

As long as you realize that your new partner and old partner are not the same person and that not everyone out there is out to break your heart, you will find the strength to trust again.

Remember, trust is a choice. When you get into a relationship with a new person, you choose to trust them. Once you've made your choice, honor your decision.