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The best news apps in comparison

  • Google News: The global news app from Google offers an extremely wide range of reputable and renowned sources for news from all over the world and on all topics, such as sports. The content is clearly sorted, free of advertising and easy to customize.
  • Feedly: This app also impresses with its very wide selection of feeds. The presentation is lean, functional and clear. Content is easy to share. You can also use the web interface on the PC. The basic version is free, premium features are available as a subscription variant.
  • News Republic: This aggregator app from France for Android and iOS searches 3,000 global news sources.
  • Bundle News: With this app for Android, you will receive news from around 10,000 sources that you can organize into categories. Bundle News shows important news directly as a push message.
  • Newstral: This news aggregator offers the interesting possibility to organize news according to your location. An individual adaptation according to interests is also possible, but only after registration.

Aggregators are the best news apps

The demands on modern news are high: we want to be kept up-to-date on global and regional topics and also be well entertained. In addition, the offer should also be as inexpensive as possible.

The best news apps try to combine these aspects in a way that balances quality, price, and timeliness. You will receive the messages directly on your smartphone.

How and from which sources we obtain information is an important and difficult question in the digital age. This is due, on the one hand, to the extreme variety of free offers and, on the other hand, to the digital structural change in the established media. Phenomena like fake news shake the trust of viewers, readers and listeners. It is often difficult to understand who is behind the production of news and who guarantees the quality of the research.

Well-chosen messaging apps can shed light on the darkness. The best news apps provide convenient, diverse, and trustworthy information from multiple sources. Apps from individual news providers are worthwhile for preferred media such as the preferred daily newspaper or the political magazine you have subscribed to. But for a real overview we need different sources under one roof.

This is achieved by aggregators and platforms that provide news from various sources. So you can follow different sources and put together your own news profile. In this way you can also make controversial opinions from newspapers and portals with different attitudes visible next to one another and thus depict a larger panorama of opinions.

How are journalists paid for their work?

Above all else, the best news apps are one thing: trustworthy. One important point is often overlooked with the multitude of free offers. When choosing a news platform, it is important to consider how the content from which you form your opinions was originally created.

Who guarantees the quality and authenticity of the information? Are the journalists adequately paid for their work and can they really report independently? In this way, every user can actively ensure that independent and critical online journalism with high quality standards will continue to be a matter of course in the future.

Frequently asked questions on the topic

Which news app is the best?

The Google News app offers a wide range of reputable and renowned sources, as well as the option to choose your own categories. Feedly makes it possible to get a structured overview and to be always well informed. You can find more interesting apps in our article!