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Apple Pay information for merchants

With Apple Pay, your customers can easily, securely and confidentially pay in stores, in apps, on the web and in "business chat".

Payments with Apple Pay are faster than payments with traditional debit and credit cards and other payment methods. Customers don't have to spend a long time looking for the right card in their wallet. Your customers can now pay for their purchase in apps or on websites (if they use Safari) with a single tap.1

Apple Pay is also more secure than traditional credit, debit, and prepaid cards. Face ID, Touch ID or a code is required for every transaction on your customer's iPhone or iPad. Plus, every time your customers put their Apple Watch down, they'll have to re-enter their passcode to gain access. When customers pay with Apple Pay, their credit card, debit card, or bank account number is not transferred to or processed by your systems.

How to Accept Apple Pay in Your Business

Depending on which country or region your company is in, Apple Pay can be used with most card issuers and payment providers, such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and China UnionPay.3

To accept Apple Pay in your store, you need a contactless payment terminal. In Japan, terminals should support iD, QUICPay, PASMO or Suica. Contact your payment provider and let them know that you want to accept Apple Pay. They can then set up your terminal accordingly.

Apple Cash transactions are processed in the same way as standard Apple Pay transactions.4 If you already accept contactless transactions with Discover debit cards, you should be able to do so with Apple Cash without any further changes. If you are not yet accepting contactless payments with Discover debit cards, contact your payment provider to ensure that Apple Pay can be accepted on your POS terminal, that it has the latest kernel, the latest firmware version, and supports the appropriate BIN ranges.

Please contact dealer support for more information.

How to accept Apple Pay in your app or on your website

If you'd like to offer Apple Pay as a payment method in your app or online, see Apple Pay for Developers for information on how to get started.

Do customers have to sign a receipt or enter a PIN?

In some countries and regions, customers may need to enter their PIN when paying with Apple Pay in-store if the transaction amount exceeds a certain amount. In some cases, they may need to sign a receipt or use another payment method.5

No PIN is required to use Apple Cash. Instead, payments are authenticated using Face ID or Touch ID or a secure code. Some terminals still require a PIN to be entered in order to confirm the debit. Instruct customers to enter a four-digit code such as 0000 when prompted for a PIN.

Process refunds with Apple Pay

Identify the purchase using the device account number and process the refund in the same way as you would with a conventional credit, debit or prepaid card. In Japan, you can also use the transaction ID on the receipt to locate the purchase and process the refund.

In order to display the last four digits of the device account number, ask the customer to open the wallet app, then on the card and then on in the top right of the display to type.

The customer can also hold their iPhone or Apple Watch over the reader, select the card that was used to make the original payment, and then authorize the refund using Face ID, Touch ID or their code.

Can I accept Apple Pay if my POS terminal is already set up for NFC / FeliCa / contactless payments?

If you currently accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover, China UnionPay or other contactless payment methods, there is a high probability that you can also accept Apple Pay without making any changes to your system.

If you are not currently accepting contactless payments, contact your payment provider to ensure that Apple Pay can be accepted through your POS terminal and ask for activation. For more information, see our Apple Pay Merchant Checklist.

Are there any additional fees for accepting Apple Pay?

No. Apple does not charge any additional fees.

When Apple Pay payments are billed as card-less transactions or card-less transactions

In-store payments made with Apple Pay are card-present transactions. Payments made with Apple Pay in apps or on the Internet are transactions without a card.

Am I liable for Apple Pay transaction fraud?

In stores, Apple Pay transactions are treated the same as your current credit, debit, or prepaid card transactions. The same rules of liability apply to Apple Pay transactions.

When making payments in apps and on the Internet, you may enjoy more benefits with Apple Pay transactions than with traditional transactions with a physical card. Under certain conditions, liability for transactions shifts to the card issuer. Contact your payment provider to learn how you can benefit from a liability shift for in-app purchases and purchases on your website with Apple Pay.

How do customers in Japan know if they are paying with iD or QUICPay?

In Japan, Apple Pay transactions are processed via iD, QUICPay, PASMO or Suica. When customers add their credit or prepaid card to Apple Pay, it is assigned to either QUICPay or iD. Customers can open the Wallet app, tap the card and look for the logo to see if it has been assigned to QUICPay or iD. When a customer asks to pay with Apple Pay, ask them if they are using QUICPay, iD, PASMO, or Suica. Make the payment just like you would for a contactless payment with a physical card.

More information about Apple Pay

  1. In mainland China, you can only use Apple Pay on compatible iPhone and iPad models with iOS 11.2 or later on the web with Safari.
  2. We are currently unable to ship Apple Pay stickers to Brazil, mainland China, Japan and Russia.
  3. Find out which countries and regions support Apple Pay.
  4. Apple Cash is only available in the US. The Apple Cash card is issued by Green Dot Bank, a member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC).
  5. In order for Apple Pay to be accepted without a signature regardless of the payment amount, your payment terminal must support this and be configured accordingly. Your payment provider must also support the latest network requirements for contactless payments. Make your payment provider aware of the Cardholder Verification Method (CDCVM) white paper and learn how to allow your customers to pay using Apple Pay without signing a receipt.
  6. "Business Chat" is currently in beta. "Business Chat" will gradually become available in some countries.
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