How did you know you were pansexual?

Test: Am I really bisexual or just curious?

Lady Gaga and Megan Fox, Fergie, Jodie Foster, Cara Delivigne, Mel B and also Angelina Jolie - all famous women who say that they are not only into men, but also that women are absolutely hot.

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Bisexuality is no longer a taboo subject and many celebrities are open to their mixed feelings. But that's exactly what makes it so complicated. Because what should have to do with real feelings has become a mere scam in many places. Simply because it is suddenly "in" to be "bi" too. True to the motto: "A little bit of bi never hurts!"

Listen to yourself: am I bisexual?

When there are real feelings behind it, passion for both sexes can confuse you. Is it possible for you too? Are you sexually attracted to men, but also attracted to women?

If you don't know what kind of love your next love can and will be, then take the test "Am I bisexual?" and find out more about your feelings. We are not clairvoyant, but we will at least be able to tell you a tendency. Here we go!

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Note: Of course, this test does not provide a clear judgment about your sexuality. It can only give you an indication of which sexuality yours could best correspond to and thus provide you with some clarity.

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