Are birthdays important 2

How important are birthdays to you?

It was my birthday about 1 week ago.

Of the 6 people I would call friends, 2 managed to congratulate me. 2 of the 4 who didn't congratulate me didn't do it last year either. And I have to admit that somehow I care more than I thought.

I have to say, I didn't put my birthday on Facebook or anywhere else and didn't post anything on that day (neither on FB, Insta or Whattsapp) that could have been a “reminder”.

Those who congratulated me either thought about it on their own or made a reminder for themselves.

I am well aware that I am not infallible myself. I know my friends' birthdays by heart, often thinking about them days in advance, but this year I also missed the birthday of a good friend, for example. I have to say that her birthday this year was a terrible day with traffic chaos and total disaster. I noticed it the next day, I later congratulated her and apologized, I was terribly uncomfortable and, to be on the safe side, I still saved all the birthdays on my mobile phone. Nothing came from her this year.

Now of course you can think again about the definition of friendship and that it doesn't have to mean to one person what it means to another, etc. I am also aware, for example, that your priorities have certainly shifted (child), but we do have known each other since we were 10 and ALWAYS had contact, despite the distance.

How do you see that?
How do you deal with your friends' birthdays and how do you deal with non-well-wishers?
Just stop congratulating yourself?
For me it feels kind of stupid to congratulate someone if they haven't contacted me for my birthday for 2 years. I always fluctuate between "Nope, really not." And "Let five be straight."