How old is Tulsi Gabbard

The forgotten third in the US primary campaign

The Hawaiian congresswoman stands out from the field of applicants in several ways: The Iraq war veteran is significantly younger than the competition at 38, comes from American Samoa and is the first Hindu to become a member of the US House of Representatives.

Gabbard announced her candidacy as one of the first in January of the previous year. Since then, it has been lagging behind in the national polls with about one percent. While 26 of the original 29 candidates have now withdrawn their applications, Gabbard continues to fight - with her campaign topic “War and Peace”.

She began her political career in 2002 at the age of 21 as the youngest member of the House of Representatives from Hawaii, between her missions abroad as a US military member in Iraq in 2004 and in Kuwait in 2008/2009, she worked as an assistant to US Senator Daniel Akaka in Washington, DC She graduated from the Alabama Military Academy in 2007 and has been a US Congresswoman for the state of Hawaii since 2013.

Spontaneous meeting with Assad

As such, it has already caused quite a stir with controversial actions. In 2017 she came under the crossfire of criticism when she met not only refugees and opposition leaders, but also secretly the ruler Bashar al-Assad during a visit to the civil war in Syria.

When the visit became public, she said she had not originally planned the encounter. When she was given the opportunity, however, she said yes, because in her opinion every chance must be used to "end this war that is causing so much suffering to the Syrian people".

Deviant in impeachment proceedings

In the course of the impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump, Gabbard was finally noticed in December that, as one of four Democratic MPs, she did not speak out in favor of the impeachment investigation initiated by her party. She had come to the conclusion that she could not vote yes or no with a clear conscience. The efforts have become a "partisan endeavor".

Suspected as a candidate of Russia

In October, former Senator Hillary Clinton warned of a "Russian candidate" in the presidential campaign. The Kremlin is trying to build a candidate who should go into the race against Trump and the still-to-be-found democratic candidate as an independent third party. Russia has a politician "in mind, who is currently taking part in the democratic primary," speculated Clinton in a political podcast, without giving a name.

The suspected politician receives strong support on the Internet with the aim of ultimately weakening the democratic candidate and thus securing Trump a second term in office. US media had previously reported, among other things, that Russia-related sites on the Internet had celebrated Gabbard's election campaign and defended their policies.

The congresswoman responded immediately to Clinton's suspicions, calling her on the short message service Twitter "Queen of warmongers, embodiment of the corruption and personification of the rot that has made the Democratic Party sick for so long". She accused Clinton of wanting to damage her reputation and urged the 71-year-old to enter the running for the presidential candidacy herself.

The fact that Gabbard now, despite her catastrophic performance, remains in the primary campaign, could accordingly be taken as an indication that she is trying to take as much media presence as possible with her, which would later benefit her in the main election campaign.

Forgotten by the media

The media attention is currently Gabbard's sore spot. Since the democratic field of candidates had thinned out very quickly, it has long been clear that it will be a pure duel between Biden and Sanders, with a chance gabbard.

With the two delegate votes she has won so far, she would have managed to be invited to the next TV debates, but the Democratic Party has already announced that the criteria might also be changed here - de facto to unload Gabbard and focus on them Focus on favorites.