How do I get a good husband

How do i get it? 5 flirting tips so that you don't miss your dream man

There he stands: the dream man. How do I get him, the targeted man? Of course, you can rush straight at him now. Not that he leaves the room, the bar, the building without his noticing us. So what is to be done?

Project: "How do I get it?" Here are five simple but effective tips that should make it work.

Tip 1: No war roar, please

Some men are still scared when a woman is very proactive in getting to know each other. It's a shame, but that's the way it is. So play it safe: get his attention - sure, or he's gone - but in a subtle way. Some women tend to be too loud, wild and extroverted at this moment. Laughing out loud (and artificially) with her friends all at once, just so he can look over. But are you that loud, giggling creature at all? Better: move into his field of vision, but refrain from loud war roars or affected behavior. Rather, try to be yourself and be natural in any case. A hearty laugh or smile in his direction works wonders.

Tip 2: make eye contact

The most important tool in flirting is clearly the eyes. Make eye contact with the superman of your choice. Send him a longer look. If he's interested, he'll return your gaze and - bang - you've already got him (a little) on the hook. And a look like that is even more effective if you follow it with a smile.

Tip 3: signal color red instead of a funeral lump

Colors have a very specific effect. You should know and use them. Black, for example, always looks a little mysterious, while white is quite good and innocent. Cold colors and motley color mixes can be rather off-putting. But they all get one color: red. This color looks a little wicked, appealing and attractive. If that's too much for you, just wear red lipstick. Red lips are the perfect weapon when flirting. They are extremely attractive to men. But: Less is more here. No war paint, please.

Tip 4: make him feel good

A man is no different from us women: He is initially insecure and does not know what you think of him. Make him feel good and he will thaw. For example, by really listening to him, asking questions, expressing interest. But also by physically turning to him, for example by turning openly, looking him straight in the eye and moving a little closer to him. So he notices very clearly: This woman finds me interesting and attractive.

Tip 5: Be more than small talk

Small talk is always a good first step. When the absolute dream man suddenly stands next to you, you don't really care what he says - provided he doesn't say an embarrassing phrase like "I've lost my phone number. Will you give me yours?" Any other topic, be it the weather or "Are you here often?" is absolutely ok. It's all about starting a conversation. But over time, you should try to go deeper as well. If he talks about his job superficially, try to find out more about it: "What did you want to be as a child?" - and you have it where you want it. He will notice that you are genuinely interested in him and he will inevitably have to switch from the small talk level to the emotional level. Perfect!

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