Why do schools forbid hoods and hats?

The ban on the headscarf in schools is also called the ban on the burkinabe up to the age of ten

Vienna - The ban on headscarves for children under ten that came into force in the new school year also has an impact on physical education. In a new circular from the Ministry of Education on guidelines for teaching exercise and sport, religious veilings are consequently also prohibited in gymnastics, including the burkini in swimming lessons.

In the circular, the organizational requirements for physical education are revised due to legal changes due to the Education Reform Act and the headscarf ban. "Until the end of the school year in which they turn 10, pupils are legally prohibited from wearing ideological or religious clothing that is associated with covering their head, even in exercise and physical education classes," it says about. For swimming lessons this means that "wearing a full-body suit with a loose overdress (burkini) is forbidden for schoolgirls up to the age of 10". After this age limit, however, the burkini is allowed again.

Thin hood is allowed

In general, the teachers should work objectively and sensitively "with movement-related, pedagogical and hygienic arguments" to ensure that their students do not wear any headgear in gymnastics - regardless of whether they are religious or not. In the case of schoolgirls from the age of 10 who insist on wearing a head covering for ideological or religious reasons despite the relevant advice, "it must be absolutely guaranteed that this is not attached by combs, hairpins or clips" due to the risk of injury.

Further note: "For safety reasons, it is also prohibited to attach the headgear by fixing it around the neck." As a substitute, "wearing a thin hood under which the hair can be tucked" is suggested.

It is also made clear that "an exemption from teaching in the compulsory subject of exercise and sport is not provided for in school law for religious reasons. Therefore, participation in the tuition in the compulsory subject of exercise and sport or swimming lessons is mandatory without exception." (red, APA, October 22, 2019)