Masturbation is considered a sin

Reasons why masturbation is incompatible with God's character.

- Biblical reasons -

Jeremy Hammond


“I satisfy myself.”: So I take care of myself. So I don't trust in God. In every situation in our life God always asks us the question: “Do you trust me? Or are you trying to do it yourself and take care of yourself? "

When pressure is felt and sex is not possible, God asks us whether we trust him now. Do we think he knows how we're doing right now? Do we talk to him about it? This often recurring situation is rather an invitation to surrender ourselves to him again and to say “I can't do that! I need you." It is also an invitation to practice patience and self-control. After all, these are the fruits of the Holy Spirit that cannot be produced by ourselves, but that God produces in us. This is only possible in situations in which I have to train this “belief muscle”.

“Masturbation” is incompatible with the Bible. Regardless of whether it is about masturbating or whether it is in any other way "taking care of yourself without God". Because that is "godless". What is not meant by this is healthy self-care. We are of course called upon to set healthy boundaries, to live healthily and in this regard (sleep, protection against burn-out, etc.) to ensure that we can lead a good and healthy life.

Do you encourage one another to follow Christ? Do you comfort one another in love? Are you connected in the Holy Spirit? Are there mercy and compassion among you?

Then make my joy complete by working together in good fellowship, loving one another and holding together with all your heart.

Do not be selfish; do not strive to make a good impression on others, but be humble and respect others more than yourself.


Love is patient and kind. She's not jealous or arrogant, proud or offensive. Love is not selfish. She does not allow herself to be irritated, and if you do her evil, she does not hold it up. She never rejoices in injustice, she always rejoices in the truth. Love endures everything, never loses faith, always keeps hope and remains, no matter what happens.


2. Self-sufficiency

Masturbation is a clear offer from the enemy to use our power to take care of ourselves. So to renounce God and his supply. Jesus in the desert is a good example of this. He could have made bread for himself - could have provided for himself. But he didn't because it would have been without his father's authority. It is later said that the Father sent angels and looked after him.

Then the Holy Spirit led Jesus into the desert because he was to be put to the test by the devil there. After not eating for forty days and forty nights, he became very hungry. Then the devil came up to him and said: "If you are the Son of God, then turn these stones into bread." But Jesus replied: "No! Scripture says: `` Man needs more than bread to live. He also lives from every word that comes out of the mouth of God. ""

MATTHEW 4,1-11

3. Narcissistic self-love

No pornography and no thought cinema and still masturbation? Here you are, of course, faced with the challenge - “what turns me on right now?” You quickly find that masturbation degenerates into narcissistic self-love, whereby I “adore” my body. I am caught by my own body and do not rule. A bond with one's own body quickly grows. Everyday situations arise that are no longer feasible without masturbating (showering without masturbation, undressing without masturbation, falling asleep at night without masturbation, being alone without masturbation, ...)

You shall have no other gods besides me.

EXODUS 20: 3

You should also know, Timothy, that difficult times will come in the last days of the world. Because people will only love themselves and their money. They will be proud and conceited, despise God, and disobey and ungrateful to their parents. Nothing will be sacred to them. They will be loveless and unwilling to forgive; they will slander others and will not know self-restraint; they will be cruel and will not want to know anything about the good. They will betray their friends, act recklessly, act out, and love their pleasures more than God. They will pretend to be pious, but the power of God to change them will reject them. Stay away from such people!

2. TIMOTHY 3: 1-5

Do not be selfish; do not strive to make a good impression on others, but be humble and respect others more than yourself.


4. Taste: does it taste like life?

This question is crucial in determining whether something is divine (springs from God) or not. Everything that produces life has divine origin and is good. The opposite is true of the taste of death. If nothing arises, something dies. Then it has nothing to do with God and comes from the enemy. With masturbation, the ability to have a relationship dies - and no life can arise.

It is the spirit that gives life. The flesh has no power.

JOHN 6.63

And I will give you a new heart and give you a new spirit. I will take the heart of stone out of your body and give you a heart of flesh. And I will give you my spirit so that you can live according to my law and keep my commandments and be guided by them.

ROMANS 8: 6-10

5. My conscience

Many try to justify this act. Strings of thought are strung together that should allow the exercise. Often an attempt is made to undermine one's own conscience. But masturbation leaves many with a feeling of emptiness and with some a guilty conscience. There were similar discussions in New Testament times. In another context, Paul is arguing here that we should very well listen to our consciences. When conscience condemns me and my actions, it is to be regarded as sin.

But if someone is unsure whether he is allowed to eat something and still does it, he is condemned. It does not happen in faith in God and what does not happen in faith is sin.

ROMANS 14:23

6. The Paul's argument

This passage is about the sexual behavior of the people in the Corinthian church. Paul is a strong advocate of being single and the benefits that come from it. He explains how freedom without a family brings many advantages for the kingdom of God and the missionary. But when the danger threatens that the desire will lead to sexual immorality (prostitution, adultery, ...), then his recommendation and conviction is that men should marry. So bind yourself. This point would be the absolutely perfect setting and time for Paul to legitimize masturbation. Why does he not mention masturbation as a viable solution for men to remain single for the kingdom of God: to satisfy themselves "when it is too difficult for them to control their desires". But Paul doesn't do it!

I wish everyone could live unmarried like I do. But we are not all the same. God gives some the gift of marriage and others the gift of living unmarried. But I tell the unmarried and widowed that it is better to stay unmarried like me. But if they cannot abstain, they should marry. It is better to get married than to be dominated by unfulfilled desire.


7. My body = temple

Paul describes in the letter to the Corinthians that our body is a temple of the Holy Spirit. So it no longer belongs to us. It is also the place where the Spirit of God dwells in us. If my body - these legs, this head, these arms, this limb - are part of a temple, a place where God lives, then I cannot do what I want with this place (with this body). God has a right to it, because he dwells in us and this place is holy. Jesus clearly demonstrated in the temple cleansing how strong his zeal is for the temple of God. The temple had become a place of selfish motives and business and not a place of encounter with God.

Or do you not know that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit in you, who lives in you and was given to you by God? You are not your own because God has paid a heavy price for you. Therefore, honor God with your body!

1 CORINTHIANS 6: 19-20

8. Wrong question

How far can I go without sin? This question is often behind discussions around masturbation. This question is imperfect and based on testing the limit of sin. Similar to the Pharisees, it is about external behavior and not about the heart. When I do this or that, I avoid sin. A much more effective question for us is: "How can I maximally give glory to God with my life and my body?"

Do I give glory to God when I satisfy myself? It doesn't matter if it's masturbating or some other type of gratification.

Whatever you eat or drink or do, do it for the glory of God!


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