How can I change my personality completely

Can you change your personality?

Last update: April 17, 2017

We might now think that in our own way, we are who we are. That nothing has changed since we arrived in this world and that change is impossible. However, we are able to make certain changes to our personality. And to become a better person and also to enter into relationships that last longer. It's all about standing up for ourselves.

The very language we use is the accomplice to the immutability we feel. The verb “to be” condemns us to it because it describes a core of being that can always be defined differently. Or it can be poured into a new shape with new corners.

Personality is forged over time

Contrary to what you might think, your personality is not a static or immobile entity. It can be shaped according to external impulses and everything that surrounds us. From the time you are born, you adopt habits, experiences, and even trauma that forge your character.

The truth is, your posture tends to be the same, or at least very similar, over the years. And then you end up thinking that your personality is set in stone and how a tattoo will stay that way forever.

But here's the good news: You have the chance to change the traits you don't particularly like about yourself.You can improve your relationship with yourself and with others. Although it is easier to “shift” parts of your personality as a child or teenager, positive results can still be achieved in adulthood.

You may think that there is no way you can change anything “at your age”. However, we encourage you to reconsider this belief before taking it at face value. Maybe the changes won't be that overwhelming or tangible. But there will be, you can be sure of that. These small interventions in your character will help you live happier lives and become a better person.

Small changes in personality bring you happiness

You don't have to have a serious personality disorder to go to a therapist and want to change your attitude towards your surroundings. Change is positive and necessary. We cannot just stop in the same place, rooted to the spot. Remember the phrase “Be like the flowing stream” and apply it to your everyday life.

Or are you still the same person you were two, five or ten years ago? And we're not talking about height, weight, or life experiences here. We are also not referring to any degree that you may have completed. Or skills that you have developed. Surely the things you liked in your youth are not the same as what you like today, and vice versa. Then why do we cling to the thought that personality doesn't change either?

If you have ever asked yourself: “Can I change my personality?” Perhaps because your actions or behavior are ruining your relationship with others or with yourself, then the first step has already been taken ... Congratulations! Now it's the phase in which you ask for help and seek advice. You probably won't like him. But he will certainly be of use to you in fulfilling your mission.

Most people in the same position as you want to change a specific trait of their personality. We're not talking about becoming a completely different person than who you already are. It's about improving certain aspects that are not really positive.

Your loved ones may have already commented that you are a little selfish or that you are easily distracted. They say you cannot make appropriate decisions or that you are always late. You already have something to work on!

Take the first step in changing your personality

All the desired changes in your character will take time and effort. It won't be child's play, as they say. You don't have to get up tomorrow and be a different person either. It's about putting yourself on a difficult path. There will be many obstacles to overcome and situations that will test you.

Have an angelic patience, lean on the people who love you, persevere - and above all, trust and rely on your abilities. This is essential in an endeavor that can be very complicated. It will cost you tears, anger, and disappointment. But you have already started to walk the path of change, overcoming and transcendence.

“On the banks of suffering and joy flows the river of life. Only when the mind refuses to flow with life and stagnates on the banks does it become a problem. Flow means acceptance, letting whatever may come arrive and letting go whatever wants to go. "

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj