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SMS language in French: Vlà ct faire + court en fr

As a native German speaker, follow the dictation of a lecturer at a French university? Even with a good command of the language at the presented pace of speech almost an impossibility. Unless you learned shorthand at school one day. But the French are masters of abbreviations. With their SMS language don't just do it effortlessly take notes, also at Cell phone news and twitter is stingy with syllables.

Learn the below main rules for abbreviations know French words (including examples). You can then use these principles to abbreviate words on your own.

  • Deletion of “ou” in one word

nous: ns
vous: vs
pour: pr
vouloir: vloir
pouvoir: pvoir
souligner: sligner
tout: tt
jour: jr
toujours: tjrs
pourquoi: pq

  • Deletion of all vowels (and sometimes consonants)

même: m
développement: dvlpt
problem: pb
rendez-vous: r.d.v.
government: gvt
nombreux: nbx
parce que: pcq
quelqu’un: qqn
quelque: qq
quelque chose: qqch.

  • Deletion of the nasal sounds "on", "an" & "en"

avant: avt
dont: dt
donc: dc
sans: ss
sont: st
font: ft
temps: tps
longtemps: lgtps
quand: qd
comment: ct

  • Symbols that stand for a word or illustrate a complex idea

et: &
Un, une: 1
paragraphe: §
travail: W
avoir pour conséquence: =>
être égal: =
diminution, décroissance = ↓
homme, femme: ♂ masculin ♀ féminin
plus: +
moins: -
division: ÷
multiple: x
égal: =
inférieur: <
différent, opposé: ≠
Words that end in “-tion”: constitution: constit °
Words that end in "-ment": changt

  • Sound analogies: The word is written the way you hear it
    This rule uses capital letters and numbers to "translate" sounds

elle: L
aime: M
c’est, ces: C
j’ai: G
de: 2
des: d

Examples: je vi1 2 ​​= je viens de; GHT = j’ai acheté; koi 2 9 = quoi de neuf; 2m1 = demain; a2m = à demain

Did you actually read the title of this article? Written out it looks like this: Voilà comment faire plus court en francais. - Learn how to abbreviate words in French.

Do you know any other words in SMS language? Which word do you use abbreviated most often in everyday life? Leave your contribution in the comment section following this article. 🙂

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19th February 2015

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