Does Draco have lingering feelings about Hermione?

Tree snake skin - Broken feathers

by doddo

Behead me! Hang me! Kill me! I'm so sorry that I haven't written anything for sooooooooooooo much longer, but I don't have any more time for anything at all. For me everything is pretty haywire, which you might notice in the style, but I would be very happy if you continued reading anyway, even if the story continues very irregularly!

When Hermione returned to Hogwarts it was still light thanks to the time of year. She told Ginny about the student rep team meeting and then had dinner without much enthusiasm.

The brunette was sitting in the Griffindor common room, learning magic tales in the glow of the evening red as she remembered the afternoon and the unspoken agreement between her and Draco to meet in the prefect bath that evening. So she set out without changing much, not sure if Draco would really be there.

â € œSoap bubbles, â € she muttered softly, and entered a few minutes later. Of course he was there. Why not?
â € œHy, â € Hermione muttered shyly.
â € œHey, â € he replied. The Slytherin wasn't in the huge bathtub yet. Apparently he had only come a moment before. Hermione turned her back on Draco and quickly pulled herself out from behind a screen from which she could slide into the water unseen. Draco did the same.

The Gryffindor didn't know where it came from, but she suddenly wanted to hide her body from Draco, and he seemed to notice.
Considerate, he moved away from her a little. Hermione went into hiding for a moment. When she came back up, she noticed Draco was watching her, but quickly averted his gaze when she caught him.

"How are you?" Draco asked quietly.
â € œWell. I've felt better before. I donâ € ™ t know how to explain all of this to Dumbledore.â €
Draco shrugged. â € œBut itâ € ™ s sure to be intelligent if you do that.â €
â € œMhmâ €

Suddenly the brunette felt a need for closeness and leaned against Draco's shoulder, who put an arm around her. For a few moments they did not move until the Slytherin rested his head on Hermione's wet hair and she turned her face slightly towards him. Draco understood the tiny gesture, put a finger to her chin and pulled it into a long kiss.

Without letting go of her, he pulled the brunette onto his lap and hugged her gently.
Draco had had a number of girlfriends and was by no means inexperienced. But to Hermione it was her first everything. She felt safe and secure, and Draco was tender and considerate.

â € œBye, â € Hermione whispered before opening the door.
â € žBye, â € œ replied Draco, who was standing right next to her. A little disappointed, Hermione was about to go back to the Gryffindor common room when Draco pulled one hand back, held it, and kissed her gently.
â € œSee you guys, â € he said and then read it out for good.

The brunette seemed to be hopping, almost floating, all the way to the common room. When she spotted Ginny she couldn't help but smile.
â € œOh my God! Hermione what did you do ?? I donâ € ™ t believe it! With whom? Â € It wasnâ € ™ t difficult to read Hermioneâ € ™ s gaze, especially when you knew her as well as Ginny did.

The redhead jumped up and pulled Hermione out of the common room into an abandoned hallway.
â € œSo! Tell! I want to know everything! How was it? And who in particular? And where and when? And how? Now tell me!  € œ
â € œYes ... wait a minute ...! Hermione didn't know if she could tell Ginny who it was. Would she be a traitor if her first real time was with a Slytherin?

â € œSo ... he was very nice and very tender and so.â €
â € œWeeeeer? â € Ginny grabbed Hermione by the arm. â € œI donâ € ™ t like to torture me like that! Wars Ron? Â €
â € œAre you insane? No!  € œ
â € œThank God! Then you would have a real taste confusion too! It wasn't Harry, was it? "
â € œNo! What do you think about me! The two are like my brothers! That would be incest! Â €
â € œBut only in my mind ... Tell me! Who? Â €
Hermione had to laugh. â € œNot so importantâ €.
â € œNot that important? Can you still be saved? It was a Gryffindor anyway, wasn't it? "
Hermione was silent.

â € œOh my God! Hermione! You are the worst! Tell me!! Who was it? Â €
â € œWell, alright! I tell you But you have to promise me that you won't laugh or be freaked out or anything. "
â € œI swear, â € Ginny lifted two fingers to testify to her words.
â € œAll right. It was Dracoâ € œ

â € žNEIIIIIIIN! Hermione! All but not Draco! Not the disgusting Slytherin bursa! You canâ € ™ t seriously have feelings for ... something like that!  € œ When the redhead saw Hermione collapse, however, she fell silent again.
â € œWoah, â € she said. â € œReally now? Draco Malfoy? Â €
Hermione nodded.

â € žOh mouseâ € œ Ginny sat on the floor and pulled Hermione towards her. â € œIt wasnâ € ™ t like Snape, was it? â € she asked carefully.
â € œAre you crazy? No. Of course not. I told you he was really nice. Besides, I wanted it too.â €
â € œAnd what is between you now? â €
â € œI donâ € ™ t know myself. We didnâ € ™ t talk about thatâ €

The two of them sat on the cold stone floor for a while, chatting a lot of girls' stuff, until Hermione's eyes almost closed and they finally went to sleep.

The next day, right after breakfast, Hermione rushed to McGonnagal's to get an excuse so she could talk to Dumbledore. For the first two hours she had botany, which she could easily miss.

Her heart racing, she knocked on the heavy wooden door in front of the headmaster's office.
â € œCome in, Miss Granger, â € she heard a voice, and the door opened. Dumbledore sat at his desk with Phawkes in his arms and motioned Hermione to take the chair across from him.

"How are you, Miss Granger?"
â € œGood. Thank you, â € she replied softly.
â € žHm. They seem to answer that very often.â €
â € œMost people donâ € ™ t really care how you are anyway, do they? â €
â € œThatâ € ™ s true, â € Dumbledore leaned back, and with a few flaps of its wings the magnificent bird flew back onto its perch. â € œBut I really am interested in how you are. So.â €

â € œIâ € ™ m feeling better. Professor, I would like to tell you what happened to me.â €
Dumbledore put his hands together in a very special way: his elbows rested on the armrests, fingertips touching, and index fingers touching his nose.

â € œSo I was tutoring with Professor Snape.â € Hermione took a deep breath. â € œI accidentally threw down a glass of tree snake skin.â €
The memories crept up again. But this time she could control herself. â € œHe got very angry and flicked out. He yelled around and hit me and I fell.â €

Hermione screwed up her eyes. Her voice grew lower and lower. â € œThen he tore my blouse off my body and hit me again.â € She began to shiver, her nails digging into her thighs.
â € œWhat happened then, Hermione? â € Dumbledore spoke calmly, watching her carefully.

â € žHe made meâ € ¦ heâ € ™ s ... I canâ € ™ t tell! â € Hermione began to cry. But she had to control herself. This was important. â € œHe raped me and used the Crucioâ €

Dumbledore said nothing. When Hermione looked up, he nodded slowly and then just said, â € žHmâ € œ

â € œWhat happens to me and Professor Snape now? â €
â € œWell, as I said, I will speak to Professor Snape and then come up with a suitable solution. As soon as I know something I will of course inform you immediately. I thank you for telling me about your terrible experience. You can go to class nowâ €

Hermione said a polite goodbye and went to arithmetic. As she turned a corner, she heard a low voice from a common room on her left. It was the Dracos.

Why not pay him a quick visit? The brunette thought to herself and opened the door. But what she saw made her freeze.

Draco was sitting on a sagging old sofa in front of a fireplace in one of the many common rooms where all students from all houses can take their breaks. Aurora Sagasdottir sat on his lap, in a very intimate pose with Hermione's deputy.

â € žHermioneâ € œ Draco looked perplexed, but he didnâ € ™ t show it enough for Aurora to notice. â € œCan I do something for you? â €
With the greatest effort, Hermione held back her emotions and tried to speak calmly. â € œCan I speak to you for a moment, please? Student substitute kit, â € she explained to Aurora.

"Of course," Draco got up after Aurora sat next to him and followed Hermione down the hall. â € œWhat is it? â €
â € žWho is that? â € œ Hermione wanted to sound neutral and interested, but she couldnâ € ™ t suppress a snippy undertone.
â € œAurora? Hermione, you know Aurora.â €
â € œYes, but ... I mean who is she to you? â €
â € œWell, weâ € ™ ve been together for ... 8 months and 17 days.â €

The Gryffindor hadn't been prepared for that. â € œAnd what about us then, please? â € she asked in a whisper?
â € œIt was just sex ... â €
â € œAnd why with all twelve you donâ € ™ t have sex with your girlfriend? â €
â € œI did, â € said Draco, shrugging his shoulders. â € œListen Hermione. I'm sorry if you've got your hopes up there now. But that was really nothing special, was it? If you will excuse me now, unless there is something else about the student council? Â €

â € œNo. Itâ € ™ s okayâ € œ Hermione waited until Draco had closed the door behind him and then walked firmly into class with clenched teeth.

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