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Rainbow Six GSA League: All information and a surprising invite

The start of the new GSA League is just around the corner and there is a lot of knocking. Before it starts on Thursday, we will introduce you to all participating teams who will play for the prize pool, which has recently been increased to 40,000 euros. This also includes an invite that does not correspond to the initial set of rules.

The invite controversy

From the played qualifying playoffs went Divizon (2: 0 against EMPERIAL eSports) and "TRSH“(2-0 against Aquila) emerged as the winner on May 3rd, 2020 and thus earned their participation in the upcoming GSA League. The remaining six of eight competing teams are meanwhile subject to an extremely critical examination, as they received their right to participate by invitation and did not have to play a qualification or the like. Those quite controversial invitations are called, from English, Invite. These invites were announced by Rainbow Six Germany during the past week.

Who was invited?

Fans of the German Rainbow Six e-sports scene will meet a lot of well-known names at the GSA League. Also included is the one that has just been promoted to the European League (formerly ProLeague Europe) Team Orgless around Niklas 'KS' massager. These secured themselves in addition to the recently achieved promotion and the associated second place in the past Challenger League, as well as the previous GSA title. Since they are considered to be the defending champions, they are probably the least discussed team. The master of the Swiss Nationals- mYinsanity. You go into the race as an underdog, but earned your spot in advance through a successfully acquired national title.

It looks different, for example WarkidZ out. They are well known to the fans through their numerous tournaments at regional level and have so far been able to come up with strong performances on a regular basis. For many fans and regional opponents, however, this does not justify the fact that they received the invite.

Another of the coveted places within the league was ProLeague Season 11 Champion Rogue. They have been proving their skills at the highest level for some time and are a real power in Europe, especially online. Not least from Maurice 'Aceez' Erkelenz, fans and spectators are hoping for spectacular actions. The 23-year-old from Düsseldorf is one of the best players in the world and always knows how to convince with his individual performance.

The particularly controversial invites

The remaining two invited teams are particularly hotly debated. The multiple ProLeague champion and top team will be there G2 esports. This team primarily generates top athletic performance and spectators, which is why an originally established rule for them has been suspended or changed. On the day the GSA League was announced, the rules stated that only teams with at least three players who were citizens of one of the three countries in the region were eligible to participate. At the time, there was no (written) exception to this rule. The guideline known as the 3-out-of-5 rule is and has also been used in other regional tournaments and leagues in the past, although no team has been granted an exceptional position so far.

When a German caster surprisingly revealed during the GSA League qualification that teams based in the region and organizations from the region were also allowed to participate, it was reasonable to assume that a prestigious team like G2 would be invited. It is currently unclear why this regulation was only adjusted retrospectively. However, it can be assumed that, for example, PENTA would at least have taken part in the qualification if the rule had existed from the beginning in the form ultimately applied.

For their part, PENTA has just as few German players (not a single one) than G2 Esports, which is why they should not have played the qualifying games according to the old rules and therefore did not even try. What is certain is that the team around star player and streamer Niclas' Pengu ‘Mouritzen has a huge fan base and consequently high audience figures, with the matches against the first division clubs Orgless and Rogue guaranteeing suspense.

The team missing so far is Turtle esports. Here, too, it is unclear why they of all people received an invitation. In terms of sport, they are among the weakest teams in the league. In relation to their previous successes, their audience numbers should at least meet the expectations of Ubisoft and Rainbow Six Germany. The organization, founded in 2013, brings a well-known name to the GSA League with Steffen 'C0rnyyy' / 'crny' T. The content creator, who is best known for his videos and streams related to Rainbow Six Siege, has 196,000 subscribers on YouTube. 'C0rnyyy' will be accompanied by, among others, the 20-year-old team captain Sebastian 'Sla7ko' / 'Sladdy' Ćosić.

Top game at the beginning

The start of the league on Thursday, May 14, 2020 will be the line-ups of G2 Esports and Team Orgless. We will see this first test of strength between two top teams in the European League, Europe's highest level, after the GSA League. It starts at 19:00 CEST. Since it is a so-called best-of-one, the second match will start at 20:00 CEST. This denies Turtle eSport against TRSH. Then Rogue and Divizon will meet at 21:00 CEST, before WarKidz and mYinsanity will play the final match of the first game day at 22:00 CEST.

Matchday 1 at a glance

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