Is it safe to open a remote bank account?

Account opening behavior in remote account opening is mainly the opening of type II / III accounts other than online type I. Third-party payment companies must verify this to ensure the security and compliance of the remote account opening. Xiangyun's identity verification to verify the authenticity of the user's identity in the payment industry mainly includes two elements of the ID card (name, ID card number), two or three elements of the bank card (bank card number, name, ID card number and account opening) The bound Mobile phone number), the three elements of the operator (name, ID number, mobile phone number). However, when opening a bank account, all you need to do is check the two elements of the identity card, the three elements of the operator and the academic information (optional).

Beijing Zhongan Future Technology Co., Ltd. introduced the Xiangyun Bank Card real name authentication interface that can do thisCheck the bank cardThe four items relate to checking that the bank card number provided by the user, the account holder name, the account holder ID number and the mobile phone number are consistent.

Xiangyun's identity verification first initiates an account opening application on the cooperative banking platform for the user. The credit union sends the collected verification items to the payment company. The payment company checks the relevant information about the cooperative institution and returns the check result in reverse order.

When opening the bank account, the binding behavior of the bank account (of another bank) is generally taken into account. Because it has to be done [Checking the bank card], The verification elements are the four above-mentioned elements of the bank card. Bank card verification means that when a user opens an account with a banking institution to bind the card, the issuing bank must verify the username, ID number, bank card number and reserved mobile phone number. The user initiates a card binding application on the cooperative bank platform. The cooperative bank sends the collected card binding application to the payment company. The payment company informs the card-issuing bank of the relevant information and returns the card binding result in reverse order.