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What is e-learning? Benefits for companies thanks to online training


Companies are increasingly relying on e-learning (including online learning or online training). Because mobile e-learning platforms can supplement face-to-face seminars and in many cases even replace them. The advantages are manifold: Mobile e-learning is independent of location and time, there are no costs for expensive face-to-face seminars and journeys, content can be exchanged flexibly and learning successes of the learning participants can be proven. Due to the advantages of e-learning in work and teaching, online courses and tools are offered in a great variety. But what exactly is e-learning and what are the advantages of digital learning programs for participants? We give an overview.

Online training in work and teaching with a digital learning platform as a success factor for companies

The constant increase in knowledge in our society and the rapid development of technologies require the acquisition of additional qualifications in almost all professions. At the same time, companies have limited time and money for training. E-learning (electronic learning) allows you to bypass these obstacles as learning that is independent of time and place. Classic offline training is increasingly being replaced by or combined with e-learning courses (blended learning). The e-learning tools used are adapted to different situations and needs.

The target group for online learning also includes Working people and trainees in teaching in various industries, among other things Seminar participants of academy courses of all disciplines as well students at the University.

This is how e-learning works in 2021

Overall, the generic term e-learning sums up all forms of electronically supported learning together. Whether courses are referred to as online learning or online training, computer-aided learning, web-based training or telelearning depends on the type of e-learning tools used.

Various forms of teaching and online training are possible with e-learning, including:

Each variant combines the four central e-learning features:

1. Multimedia (Use of different media such as e-books, audio channels, etc.)
2. Multimodality (Different sensory organs of the participants are addressed, e.g. hearing and sight)
3. Multicodality (Integration of various information codes such as animations, simulations and hyperlinks)
4. Interactivity (Presence of several control and engagement elements).


Advantages of e-learning platforms

Tried and tested for a long time, computer-aided teaching has accelerated its development in recent years and is now part of our everyday life. Prerequisites for the online training are confidence in handling digital media and discipline, for example in order to complete an online course independently (media competence).

The advantages of e-learning for companies are considerable:

  • Location and time-independent learning with a digital learning platform
  • Time and cost savings (there are no journeys or staff absent)
  • independent, individualized learning
  • standardized, constant quality thanks to electronic courses
  • Combination of different media and presentation forms
  • Teachers / lecturers are relieved
  • constant quality improvement of online training
  • Increased motivation, new perspectives, more independence
  • Increasing the attractiveness of a job for new employees, apprentices in teaching or students
  • Multilingualism (optimal understanding also for foreign-speaking people)
  • Learning success control

E-learning tools

The following e-learning tools exist, among others:

  • Learning Management System (lms) (e-learning platform for flexible provision of learning content)
  • Web-based training in short: WBT (learning with the help of network-based services, e.g. a digital course on occupational safety)
  • Virtual classroom (e.g. webinars with audio conference, text chat, etc.)
  • Blended learning (combination of online learning and face-to-face events)
  • Mobile learning (time and location-independent learning with mobile media)
  • Learning forums (learning platform with the possibility of cooperative learning such as a video chat)
  • Learning app (user software for targeted knowledge transfer)
  • MOOC or Massive Open Online Courses (free online courses at university level)

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