Can I extend my admission to the ISB?

Application for boat license

If your boat is a new boat or a used boat that has not yet been registered with the ADAC, the documents can be submitted by post or e-mail.

Please note: Personal watercraft and surfboards with jet propulsion must have an official registration number from a waterways and shipping office for trips within Germany.

Please note when applying for a boat license by email:

  • Documents as attachments, preferably in PDF format
  • Email not larger than 5MB
  • As soon as the email has been received, you will receive an automatic confirmation email.

When adopting an ADAC license plate, the application may have to be submitted by post (see change of owner).

Please fill out the application for the issuance of the IBS carefully:

  • make sure that all mandatory fields are filled with the correct data. These fields are marked with a on the application form * Mistake.
  • make sure that the application form is signed in the places indicated. Electronic signatures are not permitted until further notice!
  • If you have any doubts, use our fill-in aid

Please check the completeness and quality of the documents as well as their legibility before sending.

Automatic extension of the IBS

Activate our automatic renewal service when submitting your application by ticking the box next to "Participation in the automatic renewal" put.

In future, your international boat license will be automatically renewed every two years and sent to you by post, on time and without waiting.