Time travel in space is possible

Are time travel possible?

Time is racing in the quiet

For the naturalist Isaac Newton, the laws of space and time were still considered stable and unchangeable. Time as a physical quantity is measurable and cannot be influenced - until Albert Einstein published the theory of relativity, in which there was only one constant: the speed of light. Everything else is relative, including space and time. The faster an object moves and the closer its speed is to the speed of light, the slower time passes for this object. Time passes fastest with stationary objects.

Side tip: If you want to age as slowly as possible, you should therefore stay active as possible. It is best to approach the speed of light. If we were to fly through space at ten billion kilometers per hour for a year, about 2.6 years would have passed on Earth. So if we had come back we would have flown 1.6 years into the future. Just theoretically. A flight into the past is more problematic. For Albert Einstein it was impossible, since the limit of the speed of light applies always and everywhere. On his 70th birthday, the mathematician Kurt Gödel presented Einstein with a calculation of the universe, according to which an astronaut only had to fly straight long enough to get back to his starting point at some point - albeit in his own past. That upset Einstein a little: a spaceship takes off into the universe and returns before it has left. So far, this theory has not been confirmed either. No big leaps

For Stephen Hawking, it was theoretically possible to bend space in the future and thus be able to travel to a certain point in the future, since space and time are inextricably linked. Going back to the past, that wouldn't work because our spaceship would have to break through the speed of light. It would require an infinite source of energy. But whatever energy is available in the universe behaves like an unfavorable bank account. It cannot be overdrawn, i.e. it can go into the red.

Is time travel now possible? Yes. The Russian cosmonaut Sergei Konstantinowitsch Krikaljow flew through space at 27,000 kilometers per hour for 803 days. With it he traveled measurably into the future: a whole 0.02 seconds.


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Is it possible to travel into the future? Yes. Proven for fractions of a second.

Is it possible to travel back in time? It is unlikely. So far, this has only been observed with the smallest light particles, the photons.

Are there time travelers? Yes. So far only one. The Russian Krikalev lives 0.02 seconds in the future - from our point of view.

Can I visit my own great, great, great grandfather? Unlikely. It is more likely that he will visit you.

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