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Author:Carlo Collodi

Pinocchio's adventure story of a wooden doll by Carlo Collodi with illustrations by Rolf F. Müller



(ISBN-13: 9783379000192)
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Format:18 cm
Pages:131 pages
Weight:300 g
Edition:6th ed.
Description:Reclam's universal library, very strong signs of use and storage, the cover bumped on the edges, paper-browned pages and cut, (BZ170) O-title: Le avventure di Pinocchio CARLO COLLÖDf {1826-1890}, whose real name is Carlo Lorenzi, became known through the transfer of Perrault's hairs and his children's books. The most popular, "Pinocchio", was created in 1883 when I was working on a children's magazine. With this story, Collodi demonstrated his brilliant storytelling skills and his talent for teaching without a raised index finger. Humor and inventiveness quickly pave the way for the book into the hearts of its large and small readers. But it is also really exciting when the little Pinocchio, who is carved out of a log, contravenes all warnings and good advice, is hung up by robbers and by " good friends "is cheated out of his money, follows the advice of idlers and turns into a donkey and finally ends up in the belly of a whale. But how could it be otherwise, in the end he will become a sensible puppet. And how Pinocchio becomes a real little boy is best read for yourself. Chapter One How it happened that Master Cherry, the carpenter, found a piece of wood that could cry and laugh like a child .... Chapter Two Master Cherry thinks the piece of wood to his friend Qeppetto, who wants to make a wonderful puppet out of it, who can dance, fence and jump in the air ... CHAPTER III When he gets home, Qeppetto immediately starts carving his wooden doll and calls it Pinocchio. Pinocchio's first pranks ... Chapter four story of Pinocchio and the cricket that could speak. a story that shows how annoying it is to naughty children to listen to the advice of others who know better ... chapter five Pinocchio is hungry and is looking for an egg to bake a pancake. But in the end the pancake flies through the window ... Chapter Six Pinocchio falls asleep over the brazier and wakes up the next morning with burned feet. Chapter Seven Geppetto comes home and gives Pinocchio the breakfast that the poor man brought for himself had ... the seventh chapter Pinocchio carves new feet and sells his skirt in order to buy a primer for the money .... ninth chapter Pinocchio sells his primer to see the puppet theater .. tenth chapter The puppets recognize their brother in Pinocchio and give him a great reception, but at the most beautiful moment the puppeteer appears, the fire eater, and Pinocchio is in danger of having a bad end. Chapter Eleventh fire eater has to sneeze and forgives Pinocchio, who then rescues his friend Harlequin from death .... Twelfth chapter The Puppeteer Fires Eater gives Pinoccbio five gold pieces, which he brings to his father but Pinoccbio allows himself to be deceived by the fox and the cat and walks away with them. Chapter thirteenth The Red Cancer Inn "... Chapter fourteenth Pinocchio falls under the robbers because he asked not to heed the good advice of the cricket ... Chapter fifteen The robbers pursue Pinocchio, and after they have caught up with him, they hang him on a branch of the large oak ... Chapter sixteenth The beautiful girl with the blue hair releases Pinocchio from his noose, puts him to bed and calls three doctors in order to find out whether he is dead or alive .... CHAPTER XVII Pinocchio eats the sugar but does not want to take his medicine. Finally he swallows it when he sees the gravedigger who want to carry him away. He lies, and as a punishment his nose gets longer and longer. Chapter Eighteen Pinocchio meets the fox and the cat again and goes with them, doing the four gold pieces in the field of miracles. Chapter Nineteen Pinocchio is robbed of his gold pieces and also wanders as a punishment for His stupidity imprisoned for four months. Having escaped from prison chapter twenty, Pinocchio sets out to return to the house of tea. But on the way he first runs into a hideous snake and then gets caught in a trap .... Chapter twenty-first Pinocchio is caught by a farmer and forced to play the watchdog in front of a chicken coop ... Chapter twenty-second Pinocchio discovers the thieves and becomes a reward released for his loyalty ...... Chapter Twenty-third Pinocchio weeps for the death of the beautiful girl with the blue hair, then meets a pigeon who takes him to the seashore and there plunges into the water to poodle his father Help to hurry ... Chapter twenty-fourth Pinocchio comes to the island of the busy bees "and finds the fairy again .... Chapter twenty-fifth Pinocchio promises the fairy to be good and to learn. Fed up with being a wooden doll , and wants to be a decent boy .... Chapter Twenty-Six Pinocchio and his schoolmates go to the seashore to see the terrible whale Siebenu Twenty-fifth chapter great fight between Pinocchio and his comrades, one of whom is injured on the beach. Pinocchio is being led away by gendarmes. Chapter twenty-eight Pinocchio is in danger of being fried like a fish in the pan. Chapter twenty-ninth Pinocchio returns to the house of the fairy, who promises him that the next day he will no longer be a wooden doll, but a real boy firmly with 'milk coffee is decided to celebrate the big event .... Chapter Thirtieth Instead of becoming a real boy, Pinocchio goes home with his friend Wick to toy land ... Chapter thirty-first After five months of plenty, Pinocchio observes his great astonishment at how a pair of splendid donkey ears grows into him and he becomes a donkey's thigh with a tail and everything that goes with it. Thirty-second chapter Pinocchio grows donkey ears. He becomes a real donkey and yells iah - iah .... Chapter Thirty-third Pinocchio, who has now become a real donkey, is put on the market and bought by a ringmaster who wants to train him to dance and jump through hoops. But one evening he jumps lame and someone buys him who wants to make a drum out of his fur ... Chapter thirty-fourth Pinocchio is eaten by fish in the sea and turns back into a wooden doll. But while he swims away to save himself, the terrible whale devours him .... Chapter thirty-fifth Pinocchio will find whom in the whale's belly? Read this chapter and you will know. Thirty-sixth chapter Pinocchio finally stops being a wooden doll and becomes a real boy. 'Excerpts from the book
Keywords:Pinocchio's adventure, voracious whale, search, helpfulness, guilt, runaway, cricket, magic, fox, blue fairy, prank, rogue, liar, improvement, weakness, punishment, belief, longing, misunderstanding, improvement, disaster, transformation
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