Make narcissists good lawyers

The (German) legal system and narcissism

Dear Sir or Madam from the Family Court and Youth Welfare Office,

I put my bewilderment aside. For this blog post, I am ignoring my disappointment with a legal system for which I pay tax but which doesn't seem to do its homework. I no longer wonder why there is no guarantee of return when it comes to law. After all, this is common in the free market economy and in other companies as well.

Why does the company have the right to answer to nothing or anyone? Why can this “shop” allow itself to take almost forever for everything - especially when it comes to such a sensitive topic as (narcissistic) abuse? Anyway, where is the service hotline for our legal system?

OK. Stop. I put all these under-human charges on the back burner and jump far beyond my own shadow. To understand how far I'm jumping, here is a long list of my experiences with the system. For over a year and a half, I had to do with a total of 4 courts, 6 judges, 5 lawyers, 2 procedural advisors, an expert (or should I write inferior?) And 2 youth welfare offices.

Definitely no one understood what narcissistic abuse is about or how to spell the word narcissism correctly

Thanks to all those involved in our proceedings regarding custody disputes at various family courts in Germany. Thank you all for stumbling and stumbling. Thank you for changing your mind 180 degrees, for being unsure, for letting yourself be carried away by assertions that even from a safe distance would think you are insane.

Thank you for allowing someone with Narcissistic Personality Disorder to fool you in such a way. Any other person with a normal sense of social justice can only clap their hands over their head.

Thank you for pushing me to the limit of my maternal capacity for suffering. You have forced me to take a closer look for you too. What is really tragic is that our case is not an isolated one. It is alarming that similar areas are happening across Germany. I even vaguely write, Europe wide at the various family courts. (Narzmichnicht is now active in 5 countries.)

Thank you for involuntarily making yourself available as an example by means of which one can recognize the symptom of injustice, especially in the German legal system. Our society suffers from empathy, also thanks to your decisions in court and in various devastating reports.

You have not only shown me how fatal the manipulation of a narcissist can have on your judgment. You are proving how damaging this affects our current construct of law.

Socio-politically exciting, this raises various questions not only for me:

  1. What in the (German) legal system favors a narcissist, despite numerous counter-evidence and witnesses, to believe more than the parent who was always there for the children lovingly and carefully?
  2. What makes you all the puppets of the narcissist, incapable of continuing to act objectively and make decisions as experts in your field of family law?
  3. Why are these misjudgments happening thousands of times on your part in the Federal Republic of Germany (and also in other European countries)?
  4. When do you, as guardians of the law, begin to fulfill your social obligations? When will you finally rethink the growing narcissistically abused population?

I understand that you are angry with me. I use social media and my position as a public figure to point out these abuses. I know I'm terribly provocative on the one hand and terribly tough on the other. It is my goal to draw attention to this system error until you too understand the trap. A trap that narcissists got you caught in. Or until you are exposed as a narcissist of the system and removed from your office.

Thanks to you and this system error, I hope to be able to help people in a similar situation and to change something together

I would like to spare other affected people the suffering that has already been done to many people and also to my child and me. Not least because you have too little expertise or problem awareness on the subject of narcissism and so far you have not had to bear enough responsibility for your resulting decisions.

A first step would be to at least know how to correctly spell narcissism. In the last letter from your court I had to read Nazism, which not only has a completely different word, but also a completely different meaning. For all of you explicitly in block letters:


This is to help you google for the right word the next time a similar case lands on your desk with the associated minimum expectation of your position to at least properly define narcissism.

Nazism is not narcissism!

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