Why is Singapore so safe

Security in Singapore

Rigorous tracking of even the smallest of bagatelles has made Singapore one of the safest places in all of Asia. Tourists can move around safely anywhere in Singapore - even after dark. Even the otherwise widespread scammers and touts are almost entirely absent in Singapore.

Safety when strolling through town

However, this does not mean that Singapore is a paradisiacal wonderland where tourists absolutely cannot be harmed. As everywhere in the world, it is also important to use common sense when leaving the hotel. Wherever there is hype - for example in the evening at the quays on the Singapore River or around Bugis Junction, pickpockets can also occur. The same is true on public holidays, for example on Chinese New Year, when the whole city is crowded on its feet. Valuables should therefore always be carried close to the body, for example in the handbag that is tucked under the arm.

Caution is also advised in Little India: Here, too, many people crowd into a small space, including many who have only recently come here from India and have brought with them the image of women from their homeland. Female tourists who are traveling alone can definitely be indecently grabbed or verbally harassed here. Therefore, to be on the safe side, you should not go on a sightseeing tour here alone in the evening.

The Singapore Police

The police seem to be invisible in the oh-so-restrictive Singapore - but this does not mean that there are no police officers on the streets. Great attention is paid to security and order. Many of them are out and about in civilian clothes - and immediately on the spot if someone has screwed up something. This also applies to tourists who disregard one of the many bans or the common rules of behavior - whoever goes through a pedestrian traffic light when it is red, simply throws their rubbish on the street or eats a sandwich they brought with them in the MRT can face heavy fines of up to 1,000 Singapore dollars to be occupied.

Possible offenses

Incidentally, the chewing gum ban in Singapore is a fact and not an urban legend: possession of chewing gum has been a criminal offense since 2004. However, there is an above-average amount of wind about this ban: A tourist who enters with a single packet of chewing gum is not punished for it - and not for chewing gum in public either. There is only trouble when the chewing gum is "disposed of" in public, as unfortunately far too many contemporaries do. To be on the safe side and to avoid misunderstandings, you should simply limit your chewing gum consumption a bit.

Two other rules tourists should know: After using a public toilet, it MUST be flushed. Whoever is caught not washing away his legacy is allowed to pay 500 SGD - almost 300 euros. "Pornography" is strictly forbidden in the island state - this also includes hotel guests who walk around stark naked in their room and could be seen from the outside. No matter how small the chance is - it's better to put on your bathrobe or towel to be on the safe side, otherwise hefty fines will be due.


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