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Silver price currently in euros and dollars

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Current silver price in euros and US dollars
Silver price in EUR
per troy ounce (31.103 g)
Silver price in USD
per troy ounce (31.103 g)
1 g0.74EUR
1 oz22.89 EUR
1 kg736.08 EUR
1 g 800s0.59EUR
1 g 8350.61EUR
1 g 9250.68EUR
Performance 2021: EUR + 5.75% | USD +5.01%

Silver rates 2021

Previous day (May 18, 2021):23.05 EUR$ 28.1825.29 CHF19.86 GBP
Current (May 19, 2021):22.89 EUR$ 27.9825.18 CHF£ 19.75
Change: -0,69 % -0,71 % -0,44 % -0,55 %
Daily high (May 19, 2021):23.06 EUR$ 28.2125.38 CHF19.89 GBP
Daily low (May 19, 2021):22.44 EUR$ 27.38CHF 24.69£ 19.35
52 week high:25.09 EUR$ 29.95CHF 27.13£ 22.68
52 week low:15.07 EUR$ 16.7816.12 CHF£ 13.53
All time high (Closing price):32.69 EUR$ 49.45
All time high (Intraday):34.19 EUR$ 50.35
May 2021+7,06 %+7,97 %+6,62 %
April 2021+5,02 %+8,66 %+4,82 %
March 2021-7,16 %-9,90 %-6,60 %
February 2021-0,90 %-1,37 %+0,58 %
January 2021+2,91 %+1,46 %+2,60 %
December 2020+14,13 %+17,46 %+14,37 %
2020+35,23 %+48,58 %+35,10 %
2019+19,03 %+16,50 %+14,72 %
2018-4,75 %-8,72 %-8,18 %
2017-6,86 %+5,77 %+1,48 %
2016+19,28 %+14,76 %+18,43 %
2015-4,87 %-14,47 %-14,56 %

Current prices for silver coins & silver bars

Who sets the silver price? The Silver price arises from supply and demand on various stock exchanges and trading venues around the world. One of the most important exchanges for raw materials such as silver is the world's largest commodity futures exchange, the New York Mercantile Exchange, or NYMEX for short. The silver price is also fixed twice a day at the so-called silver fixings at the London Bullion Market. The courses at Silver fixing often serve as a guide for companies active in the precious metal trade. The price of investment coins or silver bars is generally based on the exchange-traded silver price plus manufacturing costs (e.g. minting premium for silver coins) and the dealer's margin, but is usually quite close to the silver spot (current silver price).

Historical silver price in dollars through 2020

This is how the silver price developed in US dollars from 1970 to 2020 (closing prices, USD)
Silver rate - different currencies
currencyper troy ounceper gramper kilo
Japan: (YEN)
3,051.88 JPY98.12 JPY98,121.62 JPYBulgaria: Lev (BGN)
BGN 44.781.44 BGN1,439.66 BGNCzech Republic: Krone (CZK)
582.56 CZK18.73 CZKCZK 18,729.97Denmark: Krone (DKK)
DKK 170.25DKK 5.47DKK 5,473.61UK: POUND (GBP)£ 19.74£ 0.63£ 634.76Hungary: Forint (HUF)HUF 8,032.64HUF 258.26HUF 258,259.35Poland: Zloty (PLN)PLN 103.463.33 PLNPLN 3,326.27Romania: Leu (RON)RON 112.82RON 3.63RON 3,627.33Sweden: Krone (SEK)232.69 SEK7.48 SEKSEK 7,481.17Swiss Francs (CHF)25.20 CHF0.81 CHFCHF 810.29Iceland: Krone (ISK)3,431.93 ISK110.34 ISK110,340.82 ISKNorway: Krone (NOK)NOK 231.37NOK 7.44NOK 7,438.84Croatia: Kuna (HRK)171.94 HRK5.53 HRK5.528.08 HRKRussia: Ruble (RUB)RUB 2,060.84RUB 66.26RUB 66,258.59Turkey: Lira (TRY)TRY 235.617.58 TRY7,575.17 TRYAustralia: Dollar (AUD)A $ 36.091.16 AUDA $ 1,160.46Brazil: Real (BRL)147.72 BRL4.75 BRL4,749.29 BRLCanada: Dollar (CAD)33.76 CAD1.09 CAD1,085.52 CADChina: Yuan (CNY)179.94 CNY5.79 CNY5,785.27 CNYHong Kong: Dollar (HKD)HKD 217.09HKD 6.98HKD 6,979.59Indonesia: Rupee (IDR)IDR 401,849.53IDR 12,919.96IDR 12,919,960.44Israel: Shekel (ILS)91.21 ILS2.93 ILS2,932.46 ILSIndia: Rupee (INR)INR 2,045.1765.75 INRINR 65,754.74South Korea: Won (KRW)KRW 31,592.53KRW 1,015.74KRW 1,015,739.14Mexico: Peso (MXN)556.24 MXN17.88 MXN17,883.75 MXNMalaysia: Ringgit (MYR)115.69 MYR3.72 MYRMYR 3,719.71New Zealand: Dollar (NZD)38.88 NZD1.25 NZDNZD 1,249.96Philippines: Peso (PHP)PHP 1,337.7743.01 PHPPHP 43,010.84Singapore: Dollar (SGD)37.24 SGD1.20 SGDSGD 1,197.26Thailand: Baht (THB)878.89 THB28.26 THB28,257.26 THBSouth Africa: Rand (ZAR)392.52 ZARZAR 12.62ZAR 12,620.15

Conversion table

Ounces (oz)GramRate in EUR
1/2 oz15.55 g11.45EUR
1 oz31.10 g22.89 EUR
2 oz62.20 g45.78 EUR
5 oz155.51 g114.47 EUR
10 oz311.03 g228.94 EUR
250 g250.00 g184.02 EUR
500 g500.00 g368.04 EUR
1 kg1000.00 g736.08 EUR
5 kg5000.00 g3,680.42 EUR
15 kg15000.00 g11,041.27 EUR


alloyMaterial valuePurchase price
800 silver0.59 EUR / gSeparator KA0.53 EUR / g
835 silver0.61EUR / gSeparator KA0.55 EUR / g
900 silver0.66 EUR / gphiloro precious metals EUR 0.58 / g
925 silver0.68 EUR / gSeparator KA0.61 EUR / g
999 silver0.74 EUR / gSeparator KA0.74 EUR / g

The physical investment in silver coins and silver bars is particularly considered by investors long-term investment and valued as an addition to the investment portfolio. "XAG" is the currency code (ISO 4217) for standardized silver trading on commodity exchanges. New York, London, Hong Kong and Zurich are the most important trading centers for silver. "XAG" is the price for one here Troy ounce of silver. The price of silver is particularly dependent on industrial demand. Silver is generally considered to be volatile; H. in the past it has been subject to significant price fluctuations in some cases. The gold price also had a significant influence on the price of silver in the past and showed similar price movements - this is referred to as correlation. Silver is used by many experts in the investment mixrecommended for diversification. Diversification means Risk diversification by investing in several different forms of investment.

What influences the silver price?

Here are a few factors that will affect whether the price of silver goes up or down:
  • Supply and demand situation (especially industrial demand)
  • Dollar rate / exchange rate
  • Sentiment (emotions)
  • impending inflation
  • political crises / world economy
  • Funding costs
  • Oil price (affect production costs)
  • Price development of gold and other (precious) metals

Silver Price Manipulation: Who Is Pushing the Silver Price?

In the past there has always been speculation about whether the silver price will be manipulated. Since the silver market is much smaller than the gold market, it is actually more susceptible to silver price manipulation. The best-known example is the silver price speculation by the Hunt brothers, which caused the silver price to rise from less than 2 US dollars to 50 US dollars in the 1970s and 80s, but later ended with the bankruptcy of the former billionaires. In the past few years there have been repeated speculations that indicated that the silver price is being depressed or influenced by certain market participants. In view of the low market volume and press articles on allegations against various financial institutions, this seems entirely plausible.

Uses of silver

People have always been fascinated by silver. In particular, the diverse uses and the unique shine make silver so popular. No other material reflects light so strongly, which is why silver is used particularly in industry and also depends heavily on industrial demand. In addition to other uses, such as in medicine, silver has always been used as a precious metal in the form of coins or jewelry. Like gold, silver has a long tradition as a coin metal. Silver is also often used in electrics and electronics and, of course, in jewelry.

Interesting facts about the silver price and course

Silver is one of the rarest elements and only occurs in a proportion of 0.079 ppm in the earth's crust. In nature, silver is often found in grain form or as a wiry, ramified network in ore veins. So far, silver has been found in nature in around 3,805 locations, in particular its occurrence in sulfidic minerals is known. It is far more common to find silver as a by-product in copper or lead production. The most important silver deposits are in North America and South America. The steadily growing prosperity in countries like India or Asia have fueled the demand for silver and other raw materials.

The chemical element silver (Ag) with atomic number 47 belongs to the so-called transition metals and is a noble metal. Silver has the properties of being soft and easily deformable and is a heavy metal with the highest electrical conductivity in relation to all elements. Only diamonds and super fluids have an even better thermal conductivity. The precious metal has been processed since the 5th millennium BC and for some time was even more valuable than gold. The ancient Egyptians called silver moon metal. At that time, most of the silver came from the mines about 50 kilometers from Athens, in Laurion.

This article is extremely boring. I don't want to make myself popular as a know-it-all, de facto I've already made six-figure net profit, so I can't be that stupid. Even today I can only advise: buy silver, you can touch it! 1000 times oversubscribed on the stock exchange, that should make you think, Recommended by the multimillionaire: Don't buy what you can't touch!

Show 1 reply to Goldfisch
of Silver standard | 14.03.2021, 11:33 answers

Hello honorable community. I suspect that the prices for silver, platinum and gold will return to the ???????? with the next crash, which may be visible in April 2021. USA, will fall. It could be that you get another ounce of silver for less than € 20 and gold falls below € 1300. Platinum, on the other hand, is cheap because diesel vehicles do not enjoy such strong sales (catalytic converter, platinum coating). Precious metals have the property that they do not react with many elements of the periodic table, so that these are retained over time. Communication technology loves metals that conduct electricity and do not react at the boundary layer with the air. High electrical conductivity (contacts), high reflectivity (silver in foils or in the mirror), as well as good thermal conductivity (Fourier heat conduction equation, as heat sinks or in heat exchangers). The platinum group metals belong to the group of metals that allow reliable measurement technology in high-temperature processes, such as the melting of electronic scrap and the recovery of precious metals, whereby the control of the target and actual temperature of a (resistance furnace, operating temperature 1600C, by platinum (higher melting temperature) or other Pgm Metals or commodities belong to a third in the portfolio, even if the price has recently risen immensely, you should never go completely for cash unless you have to make a larger investment without taking out a loan.

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Hello Community,
I am new here and would like to ask your advice. My grandfather was such a Münzkontor buyer and gave me what felt like 150 silver coins (20gr and 15gr) in the purity of 999. Yes, I am more or less aware that they were overpriced, but I can't change that. Now to my questions, should I keep them and if I need money sell them at the current silver price or should I sell them now and buy for example coin bars or 1oz silver coins for the proceeds?
Thank you in advance for your opinion

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What was wrong with the silver price tonight?

of Andreas Marx | 03.02.2021, 12:38 answers

The Comex has increased the margins as far as I heard it in a YouTube video. Allegedly it should have made it more difficult for the smaller investors to invest. Unfortunately, I would have hoped for a little more. Pity

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