Should I drink glucose water between workouts?

These are the biggest mistakes after exercising

After exercising a beer with friends, the evening can begin! It is also tempting to treat yourself to something tasty after training, after all, you've just burned a lot of calories. We know ourselves that this is not the very best idea. The fact is, you can make a lot of mistakes after a workout. But what exactly should you do after exercising and what should you actually do without? Here are the dos & don'ts.

Don't: drink too little

When we exercise, we not only consume a lot of calories, but also a lot of water through sweating. Therefore, you should definitely drink enough during and especially after training. How much? About 30 to 35 ml per kg of body weight plus 500 to 1000 ml for every hour of physical activity. The best choice: perfectly normal mineral water.

Be sure to stay away from sports drinks. Most of them are overpriced and sometimes full of sugar. Soda, cola or juice as well as energy drinks are also not a good idea. Alcohol is of course also a no-go after exercise.

Don't: skip the cool-down

You've just been training for two hours and you're tired of the annoying cool-down? Not good! Warm up and cool down are important parts of any workout. Stretching is important to lower your pulse and heartbeat, and to calm the body. In addition, stretching exercises loosen the muscles and thus prevent injuries and muscle strains.

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Don't: cram sweets & fast food into yourself

Anyone who does sport and burns a lot of calories gets hungry. Especially after training, there is a great temptation to treat yourself to something delicious - after all, you really hit the gas. After a sweaty workout, many reward themselves with a fat pizza or a huge piece of chocolate cake. Just don't!

We should keep our hands off that after exercising:

  • Sweets
  • Fast food
  • fat, hearty food
  • big portion
  • Pasta and rice
  • White bread
  • Chips & Flips

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Do: Eat something rich in protein

Anyone who has done strength training should definitely eat something rich in protein after exercising. Muscles need protein to grow. A yogurt with banana is perfect, or a portion of low-fat quark. A piece of meat or fish is also rich in protein. All those who have mainly taken care of their endurance should also use protein, but not forget carbohydrates in order to replenish their energy reserves. A slice of whole grain bread or oatmeal is ideal.

Here's what you can eat after exercising with a clear conscience:

  • Natural yogurt with fruits
  • Vegetables with quark dip
  • oatmeal
  • Whole wheat bread with cheese
  • salad
  • chicken
  • fish
  • nuts
  • avocado

Don't: Don't eat anything after training

Not eating anything after a workout is just as bad as eating too much or the wrong thing, because after exercising our glycogen stores are empty and we feel weak. 15 minutes to an hour after exercising is the best time to recharge your batteries. If you wait longer than two hours, you risk an undersupply of the muscles.

Even those who want to lose weight should at least take a little something after exercising in order to remain productive in the long term.

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Don't: No time to shower

Sometimes things have to happen very quickly after a workout. Nevertheless, under no circumstances should you forego showering, because sweat on the skin causes bacteria to form faster. It is not enough just to change clothes.

DonĀ“t: go to the sauna immediately after your workout

Many people go to the sauna right after their workout to really relax. But you'd better not do that. Because sport weakens our immune system and we are more susceptible to diseases. The heat in the sauna only increases this susceptibility.

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Thu: relax and take breaks

Anyone who has achieved a lot can relax. That means: Treat yourself to some rest after exercising. After an extensive workout, get at least eight hours of sleep to start the new day fit and relaxed. If you want to do something good for yourself immediately after exercising, you can treat yourself to a relaxation bath.

It is also best to always take a day's sports break so that your muscle groups can regenerate sufficiently. If you train different muscles on two days, you can of course go back to training the next day.

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Don't: Go to bed immediately

Relaxing on the sofa is okay, but going straight to bed is not a good idea. The body takes its time to come down again. We can't sleep right after exercising - unless it was a yoga class.

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