Why do my relationships always fail

My relationships always fail - why?

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It could be that your relationships don't last

For most, a relationship is the safe haven to which they return day after day. They find peace, support and affection in their partner. No wonder that the relationship is the most important thing in their life for many! Nevertheless, there are people with whom relationships just don't seem to want to last: The bonds break again and again, often under similar circumstances. In my work as a relationship counselor, I have already met many people for whom it worked out the same way. Here are the five most common reasons why relationships can break down. If you recognize yourself in it, you will know what to work on!

Relationship problems in the partnership

1. You don't give your partner enough freedom.

As nice as it is to spend time together: Everybody needs occasionally something Time for yourself. This is important to get the individual hobbies and to do exactly what you feel like doing - be it leisurely watching a football game, a shopping tour or just a good night's sleep. After all, there is no couple who really share every hobby, all interests and complete circle of friends. So give your partner the time to pursue hobbies that you do not like so much. He will thank you by coming back to you in the best of spirits! Who, however clings and doesn't leave his partner alone, sooner or later it will get on his nerves - Conflicts are in the partnership preprogrammed.

2. There is jealousy in your partnership.

Jealousy is that Relationship killer number 1. No wonder, since jealousy shows above all that you don't trust your partner - and trust should be the basis of every relationship! So, if you find yourself seething with anger every time your partner meets people of the opposite sex, start by asking yourself why. Are you afraid that your partner is cheating on you? Do you feel cheated out of time together? In most cases it lies jealousy in one lack of self-esteem justified - and that can be worked on. On the other hand, if you want to tell your partner who they can meet and when, they will only feel constricted and eventually flee from the relationship. So with jealousy you get the exact opposite of what you want.

Sudden breakups are particularly painful.

3. You are doing too little.

A partnership needs positive shared experiencesto prosper. In fact, a relationship can even fail because of the lack of these experiences - because if nothing positive, nothing exciting happens, your partner will at some point long for adventure and variety. The risk that he will give in to an opportunity for this adventure is great. So create shared experiences: Go on trips with your partner, go out to eat, do something fancy. That will weld you together as a couple.

4. There is a lack of willingness to compromise.

Compromise is something that many find difficult. Still they are extremely important for a partnership. If you stubbornly hold on to your opinion in conflict situations and are not ready to approach your partner, even small things can cause persistent dissatisfaction between you and your partner. Everyday life becomes a veritable minefield in which disputes lurk constantly. Many relationships then break up in the long run due to this ongoing burden, because nobody wants to share their life and everyday life with a partner with whom they cannot even come to an agreement on little things. That's why you should strive to compromise.

5. There is a lack of communication.

The lion's share of those relationships that don't last long fail, not least because of poor communication. Such Communication problems can have very different faces. Perhaps you are not expressing your feelings clearly enough, or perhaps you are emphasizing them too intensely that your partner feels pressured. Each partner can take a different amount of feeling and it is not always easy to assess this amount. A common problem is also that problems simply are not addressed - be it from Shy of confrontation or out of the thought that speaking to them would not be of any use anyway. However, this is fundamentally the wrong way, because if problems are not addressed, they put a strain on the partnership in the background until it finally breaks. Ultimately, almost all relationship problems can be resolved with considerate conversation. All you have to do is record this conversation!

6. You suffer from fear of attachment

Men in particular have difficulty accepting responsibility for long-term relationships. They fear for their freedom and do not trust their own feelings. More in the guide to fear of attachment here.


If relationships end prematurely again and again, and often under the same circumstances, then that lies The cause is likely to be based on your behavior. Often it is communication that fails, for example because feelings are not made clear or problems are hushed up. But personal freedom and jealousy are often critical points that require some trust in mutual love. Almost all problems can be solved with a conversation, as long as you take it up in good time and remain willing to compromise with your partner! In our erotic & relationship guide overview you will find a variety of guides that deal with the right communication in a partnership. By the way, can also be a little fresh wind in sex life definitely contribute to the long-term functioning of a relationship! However, you should never forget to protect yourself with condoms. If you consider all of this, it will surely work for a long-term relationship too!


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