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What are the highest paying fresher jobs?

According to me, the best answer would be startups

There are many tech startup founders who earn the highest salaries and who got their first job in their own startups. It's highly paid and motivating when you work for an idea, invest everything in it, and enjoy doing it, when you believe in it and believe in yourself and your co-founders. You have a motivation that keeps you going and pursues your goal.

Aside from the fact that most of the highest paying jobs are in technology and management, the Big 4 pay a lot more than you can imagine for newbies if they do well above average. No wonder they are willing to invest in the best resources, and they have all the money to get the best people in the market.

When we talk about India, management degrees bring you a ton of money and here in India they seek MBA without any work experience by getting a good score on the MBA entry-level process.

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Fresher jobs don't give you that much salary. You are the learner for this job. First you had to gain experience and skills for a specific job. That gives you money and everything. Many jobs are now available to get a lot of salary to get started, like BPO jobs, IT jobs, marketing jobs, management jobs. This job offers salary as your skills and work. First, try to build a career that you like best. Adjust it and get passionate about it, everything else goes with it.

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