Is Scrabble played in other languages

How many allowed Scrabble words are there in different languages?

The answer varies widely by language and depends on how new words are created in a language.

In an agglutinative language, words are created by putting words together. For example, a chair that you use at a desk in the office is an office chair, a Word in German: "an office chair" (literally "desk chair").

As you can see, this is a quick and easy way to create new words. That is why Icelandic has such a large dictionary that is not even exhaustive - it can not be.

So the answer to your question will be depends on . Perhaps you should limit your question to a specific language as not all languages ​​are so liberal in word formation.

Dutch: 652,000 words

The Dutch Scrabble Association Scrabble Bond Nederland (SBNL) uses the Scrabble Word List (SWL) for words of up to 9 letters and publishes separate lists for 10, 11 and 12 letters.

The SWL contains over 242,000 words, the supplementary lists contain approximately 125,000 words, approximately 141,000 words and approximately 144,000 words for a total of 652,000 words with a length of 2 to 12.

English: 276,000 words

The World English-language Scrabble Players Association (WESPA) stipulates in its rules

Global word source
The word source used in global Scrabble, known as Collins Scrabble Words or CSW (formerly Official Scrabble Words or OSW), is actually not a single dictionary, but an amalgam of three: Collins, Chambers and TWL, the current North American word list.

TWL (Tournament Word List) itself comes from a number of sources, mostly different editions of Webster. Americans and Canadians play in international tournaments according to CSW rules and in "domestic" North American tournaments according to TWL. But they are increasingly introducing CSW grades in various tournaments, and even in some CSW-only tournaments. The WESPA hopes that this North American isolationism will one day end for the good of global Scrabble.

Collins explains on his website:

(...) Collins Official Scrabble ™ Words 2015 is the most comprehensive Scrabble ™ word list of all time, including World English from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa, Great Britain and the USA combined into a single list.

With over 276,000 allowed words , including inflected forms, this is a must-have for anyone who plays Scrabble.

(Emphasis mine)

French: 393,670 words

The French Scrabble Association La Fédération Internationale de Scrabble Francophone (FISF) is used L'Officiel du Scrabble, which is currently in its seventh version and contains 393,670 words with 2 to 15 letters.

German: 180,000

The German Wikipedia article on Scrabble cites a source on "120,000 words".
Scrabble Deutschland eV states that the official list contains 179,998 words with 2 to 9 letters.

I will add more sources and languages ​​as soon as I find them.


Yes, the answer will be very different depending on the language, that's the interesting thing. I've made it clear what answer I'm looking for. Also, this is a question about Scrabble rules. I don't think all connected words are allowed in agglutinative languages, but if so, that's an answer too.


@sqb with regard to German, every word in a recognized dictionary is valid, including declinations: and lists> 500,000 words "etc." on.