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For your long-term success on the web, our marketing specialists develop holistic online marketing strategies and an action plan for your website. We tailor all planned measures individually to your needs and integrate them into your existing marketing mix. We attach great importance to the precise monitoring of our implemented online marketing services. This gives you the greatest possible transparency and we can react quickly and specifically to changes. Put your online marketing in the hands of our experienced and reliable online experts and take care of your core business! We offer you:

  • Great expertise and extensive know-how in the field of online marketing
  • Personal contacts in Rosenheim, Munich, Starnberg, Dresden, Erfurt, Berlin and Cologne
  • Monthly reporting including recommendations for action
  • Flexible budget reallocations
  • Individual contract terms
  • Individual online marketing services from a single source
  • A reliable and transparent way of working

We improve the visibility of your website and increase the awareness of your company

In order to be able to present and market your services and products, marketing strategies such as SEO and SEA (search engine optimization and search engine advertising) are important components of your marketing concept. This way, customers can be won effectively and countless users can get to know your company. It doesn't matter whether you want to position yourself locally, regionally or nationwide, long-term or short-term.

In order to be successful in the long term, you can no longer do without a search engine optimized website and the associated search engine marketing. Customers, potential new employees or partners can easily search for your company, find it quickly and contact it promptly. However, it is important to achieve top positions on search engines such as Google, because only the hits on the first three pages with search results are viewed more closely. Individual, professional SEO (Search Engine Optimization), targeted SEA (Search Engine Advertising) are just as indispensable for your success as conversion rate analyzes, social media activities and effective web design.

To do this, we first offer an objective. Who do you want to reach and address? Who is your target audience? How is your homepage currently designed? How well and quickly is your site found? These and similar questions help us to analyze your homepage precisely and help us to develop the right strategy. Because this is how you arouse interest, create trust and are present.
When choosing search engine marketing, there are several factors and conditions that need to be weighed. On the one hand, you can attract additional visitors to a certain online offer very quickly and at short notice by placing paid ads, on the other hand, according to statistics, the organic search results are clicked more often by the user.
Regardless of whether you are pursuing a short, medium or long-term or a local, regional or nationwide online strategy, we will develop the SEM concept that fits your goal.

What is to be discussed?

  • What is your company's current internet strategy?
  • What makes your company, your product or your service unique and what is your unique selling point?
  • Do the content and functionalities of the existing website meet your goals and wishes?
  • Does your website meet current general quality standards?
  • How and where is your target group looking?
  • Who are your competitors?
  • Does your existing website meet the demands of mobile search?
  • Does every request from a potential customer have the same value (profit) for you or are they treated differently?
  • How is your website currently found?
  • Which search terms / keywords are relevant?
  • Do the search terms have a search volume?
  • Have these wastage been eliminated?
  • Do you know the average bounce rate of your website?
  • Why is this even important?
  • Do you know the average quality score of your website? And how high is it?
  • Are you analyzing your website with a tracking tool?

So that we can work out and implement a tailor-made online strategy for your company as well, we would be happy to advise you on site without obligation. Whether in Rosenheim, Munich, Starnberg, Dresden, Erfurt, Berlin and Cologne.

Leave your competitors behind with the promising online marketing services of the SEO kitchen that are tailored to your needs.