Regret having followed your passion

Handicraft creates the future! CDU Frauen Union Limburg - Weilburg in a video talk with Susanne Haus, President of the Chamber of Crafts Frankfurt-Rhein-Main- on the occasion of International Women's Day

The Kreis Frauen Union Limburg-Weilburg has this year's International Women's Day
a very well attended online discussion with Ms. Susanne Haus, President of the
Chamber of Crafts Frankfurt-Rhein-Main, on the subject: "Crafts make the future!"
The district chairwoman of the Women's Union, Christine Zips, pointed out at the beginning that the
International Women's Day is a special day for women.
March 8th is a day for women's rights and a symbol of equality
between man and woman. The FU is currently calling for the abolition of tax class V.
to achieve the goal of "more net from gross!" Because women earn more every month
disposable income, more than the net salary in tax class V and more
Appreciation of their work. Tax class V means a high monthly tax burden
and a lower net wage than gross.
Christine Zips further states that women are essential to the success of craft businesses
contribute, whether as a trainee, assistant, self-employed entrepreneur, master craftsman or
Founder. The career opportunities and development opportunities for women are in the craft
A few months ago, Ms. Susanne Haus became the first woman to be president of the
Chamber of Crafts Frankfurt-Rhein-Main has been elected. You got with her
impressive professional career laid the foundation for an imposing presentable
Career until her presidency, so Christine Zips. There are the successful ones
Graduated as a painter and varnisher, years as a journeyman, master school,
Restorer in the painting and varnishing trade, business economist in the craft up to
Independence of a company, sworn expert in the painting trade.
There are also numerous voluntary memberships.
As a third generation master painter, Ms. Haus runs a family business in
Bischofsheim. She never thought about whether she worked as a woman
could. She just followed her passion.
The President regrets that many craft trades with the exception of hairdressing and
Cosmeticians are still dominated by men. This is not just about the craft
Strength, but also brains. In some professions such as painter or carpenter are women
but on the rise. Susanne Haus's experience is that women who work in
Male domains work and often perform very well there because they are very
consciously chose their profession.
The shortage of skilled workers in the craft must be counteracted, demands
Susanne house. There are training centers with modern equipment in their chamber district.
So if you want to train the skilled workers of tomorrow, you also need the technologies of tomorrow. If these were available, more young people would also want to
Craft, according to Susanne Haus.
For the FU district chairwoman Christine Zips, the willingness of companies to train is for
Company a key to success. There is a lack of trained workers in the companies
at the latest when the older employees retire. Without trainees
no journeymen, no masters and we are quick to deal with the shortage of skilled workers. At this
The local politician says a big thank you to all those responsible in the
Susanne Haus considers it necessary that professional and academic training in the future
in Germany took place on an equal footing. That is why she is promoting one in Frankfurt
state-of-the-art campus for vocational training as a flagship project for the federal government in which
theoretical and practical training could be more closely linked.
Stefan Laßmann, managing director of the Limburg-Weilburg district handicrafts association, sees it
The “academization mania” of our society with great concern. Many families left theirs
Children absolutely must study, although many young people are more practical.
Willi Hamm, district chairman of the CDU's SME Association, said that many
Companies are lacking trainees. That's why you should focus more on women!
Monika Sommer, HGF of the Limburg-Weilburg Chamber of Commerce and Industry, complained
that advertising campaigns are too often aimed too much at young men.
Christine Zips calls for a conclusion on behalf of the District Women’s Union Limburg-Weilburg
the very informative panel discussion more social respect for the craft
and the apprenticeships. We are proud of our craft businesses, ours
Entrepreneurs who experience declines in orders and sales
have encountered and continue to encounter individual solutions in the pandemic.
We need women in our craft, with their skills, their commitment,
their family, life and work experience, their assessments, their ideas.
So more women in the trade!

Christine Zips
District chairperson
Women's Union Limburg-Weilburg
Tel. 06471 - 7594
Email: [email protected]

The event was recorded and you can stream it afterwards via our Facebook page.

A representative of the Nassauische Neue Presse also took part. The report on the event can be found under the following link:

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