What are types of vacuum cleaners

Vacuum cleaner types, types and categories

Many types of vacuum cleaners can be found in stores. When buying a new vacuum cleaner, in addition to performance and handling, your own habits and requirements are also decisive.

The first vacuum cleaners were primarily meter-long, large suction hoses with which the dust was transported to a loading vehicle and this cleanliness was reserved only for the wealthy. That was a few decades ago and today we are pleased to have a range of vacuum cleaner types that offer a lot of convenience.

The cylinder vacuum cleaner with handle and handle is one of the pioneers of modern vacuum cleaners and was later supplemented by the cylinder vacuum cleaner with hose and telescopic tube. In particular, the new flexibility for all possible suction projects justified the triumph of these floor vacuums. But the hand-held vacuum cleaners for the floor are enjoying great popularity again, especially thanks to the sophisticated battery technology that can be used for cordless vacuuming.

Popular types of vacuum cleaners include bagged vacuum cleaners and bagless vacuum cleaners. Thanks to modern motor and filter technology, both variants perform very well, they are manoeuvrable, protect furniture and flooring and, thanks to the many different brushes and nozzles, become all-rounders in the house. In this segment there is a wide range of products from cheap NoName devices to premium vacuum cleaners, such as the Vorwerk Tiger VT265.

Wet and dry vacuum cleaners pick up solid and liquid dirt and are sometimes used to clean upholstery and carpets. Industrial and construction site vacuum cleaners are becoming increasingly popular with private households, as they can cope with difficult dirt and large quantities. There is a lot of work done and renovation work and with the "fine" cylinder vacuum cleaner one does not want to get on the "coarse" dirt, since the normal device is not designed for such contamination.

The handheld vacuum cleaner for the little mishap in between should not be missing from the vacuum cleaner types. Thanks to powerful Li-ion batteries, such as the Vorwerk cordless vacuum cleaner, these devices can last up to 20 minutes at a time. Wet and dry vacuum cleaners can also be found here.

The new generation of vacuum cleaners is called vacuum robots. The intelligent, small saucers do everything fully automatically and without supervision. Several rooms are thoroughly vacuumed one after the other by the automatic floor vacuums, intelligent sensors recognize obstacles and ledges, in front of which the vacuum cleaner then independently stops. Vacuum robots can be programmed in advance and start at the preset time.